Update: New york; my new home.

I apologize for my lack of blogging these past few days, my readers know I love to update daily but due to my move, finding spare time (and wifi) have been a challenge. I'm so excited to announce that within 2 hours of my arrival to the big apple I had an immediate and spontaneous opportunity to move to the east village so I did it! To my surprise, everything went smoothly! a sign? Am I suppose to be here? Was I suppose to be here years ago and this is New York's way of welcoming me with open arms? Regardless if it was fate or shear luck, I am so thankful. The bedroom picture above is my room (with the staircase loft) I can't wait to show you guy's the end result of my decorating when I 'Ikea' the shit out of it. 

Let me fill you in on how successful just day 1 was itself: My new roommate Mackenzie I ended up knowing from fashion week last season, Then I find out she's a photographer (In my mind I was jumping up and down, "she can take all my outfit pictures!" I thought) We then proceeded to SLEEPY's mattresses store to find ourselves the first dibbs on the president's day sale selection, purchased two awesome mattresses' for FRICKEN CHEAP. Just went I thought I couldn't get anymore lucky I opened my email to find an invitation to join a DETAIL'S editor at lunch tomorrow at the Conde Nast building. For all of you who aren't familiar with what that is, it's the building that houses VOGUE, GQ, etc. Very Very thankful and so so excited-

I honestly cannot wait to share with you all the fun opportunities to come! Fashion week has just began and even though I'm busy moving in to my new place and getting situated, I'm going to really try and attend some shows, events and fill you in soon! The average temperature here is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so lot's of layering, coats and scarves are in order. 

love you guys


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  1. wow, I'm officially jealous, living in the city it's my biggest dream. Lucky you!