Do I even have to say it? yes, those infomercials you've seen are real... those indeed are space bags(last two pictures). They're plastic bags you jam your clothes into then suck out the air with a vacuum hose to eliminate unwanted space during moving or storing. Considering I'm relocating to the big apple (New York) I needed some help from these bad boys. Literally my closet has shrunken into 4 small cubes now, praise jesus. As you can see, the clothes weren't the only task at hand. I never really realized how many shoes and sunglasses I own until this moment, but I'm not going to say sorry for it. I'm a proud, hoarding, menswear accessory fiend. 

I woke up at 8am to run errands to the bank, to another bank, food, auto shop and then home to finish this horrific packing process. I knew moving across the nation was going to be hard, but this is really hard. Emotionally and physically, let's talk about it. 

So I've grown up in Riverside CA for my entire life pretty much, except one year I lived in LA, regardless I have so many memories here. My friends, family, schools, everything within close proximity and now soon to be 3000 miles away :( As I got older, one thing became very clear though, I need to go for my dreams. Every single time I visit New York for fashion week I meet so many people and book so many jobs following, ALL FROM THAT ONE WEEK. So it would be stupid to not relocate to the fashion capitol, I've realized it's my calling. I fortunately don't have to worry about expectations considering I've visited there so much it acts as second home already. I will miss the cali sunshine and weather, but I do look forward to the better photoshoot-ing weather in NY. there's up and down's about both. 

California offers sunshine, lackadaisical living, constant beach access and friendly people. New York offers business, opportunity, networking, quick transportation and entertainment. If I had to make any recommendations I would say live in NY when you're young then Cali when you're older and established in your career. A wise stranger told me that and I pass along that to you! OR if you're wanting to pursue acting and commercial work, Cali is calling! If you're more fashion, magazine and broadway bound then NY is there for you. It really just depends on you and what you want to pursue. 

Okay, enough rambling. Back to packing. I love ya guy's and thank you for reading. Please bare with me these next few weeks as I will not have a permanent home yet, I'll be couch hopping, juggling NY fashion week events etc etc I will try to update my twitter and instagram as much as possible though. 


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