NYFW 1: White Winter

Jogunshop white blazer (similar here) Uniqlo cable knit (similar here) HM shirt (similar here) Topman trousers (similar here) CanvasLandsEnd oxfords (similar here

photography: Michael Shane & Bethany Struble

I may have received a lucky first few days relocating to the city (finding an apartment, friendly roommate etc.) then all of the sudden, a warm welcome from a bitch blizzard named Nemo. These past two day's were rough, I've never experienced a blizzard in my life. Now, let's evaluate exactly what a blizzard is. It consists of heavy- I repeat- heavy snow with high speed winds averaging 50mph...I was walking home from a NYFW event and just about froze and blew away. I wish I would have been brave enough to shoot in the falling snow for some cool pictures but I wasn't going to put my new nikon through that. Fortunately, yesterday afternoon the sun started seeping in like butterscotch and I jumped at the opportunity to take some pictures...white on white with hints of gold. I paired one of my favorite white blazers with a new Uniqlo cable knit sweater and white shirt. I was pretty warm surprisingly. 

In regards to Fashion Week, it's been a quiet season for me to be honest. I received all my invites late in the game, but it didn't matter considering I had living priorities to arrange first. Yesterday I did attend the Lacoste show which was surprisingly great, then following, HervĂ© Leger. I'm trying to update as much as possible! We don't have wifi in the apartment yet but when we do, you'll be the first to know because I'll be posting regularly again. 


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