Project Handsome - Miguel

Blazer (similar here) sweater (similar here) tie (similar here) jeans (similar here) Oxfords (similar here) Belt (similar here) shirt (similar here) glasses (similar here)


Q: Tell us a little about yourself starting with your name:
My name is Miguel Castellano, I'm a 24 year old theatre major living in Riverside CA.

Q: Have you ever been a victim of prejudice and/or called derogatory names because you are a fashionable man? 
Yes, I've been called several derogatory names such as 'queer' 'metro' 'mr.rogers' and so on. I learned early on what I liked to wear so now I just choose to tune them out.

Q. Would you mind sharing with us a specific situation in your past where someone acted upon how you dress?
One time in public a group of girls ran up and were persistent on taking a picture of me. They were kind of laughing and it was then I realized they thought I was wearing a costume, as a joke...

Q: How did that make you feel?
I was just confused. I thought I looked presentable and nice but they were making a mockery out of me

Q: What Inspires you in your daily life to ignore those people and continue on confidently, as a fashionable male?
It's the way clothes make me feel. It gives me a voice and keeps me confident all day. I'm also very inspired by my grandfather. He was very fashionable in the 50's and I like looking at his vintage pictures from time to time. The 50's in general are very inspiring to me.


Thank you Miguel 

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