Pacsun poppy windbreaker (similar here) CanvasLandsEnd shirt (similar here) RiverIsland olive coat (similar here) Aldo dog chains (similar here) Rayban wayfarers (here) RavenDenim jeans (here) Allsaints boots (similar here) Neff beanie (similar here)

Photography: Caitlin Harroun

As my day's are numbered here in Riverside, I decided to pay homage to my childhood by way of taking pictures of myself in front of my former elementary school. In all seriousness, it brought back good memories, times of ease and joy - life was so uncomplicated then. I decided to tap into my inner adolescence and sport a bright poppy windbreaker layered beneath an olive coat (Worn as a cape) because you know, I'm superman. I stood amongst the fallen maple leaves and just thought at how no matter where I ended up, my life started here, standing in these very same maple leaves 16 years ago. A mere boy ambitious and free, creative at heart. Nobody could stop the tree from growing old and shedding its leaves, very similar in my own case - I'm a man now, and time isn't going to stand still. I'm forced to move forward, a fish up stream, striving to find calm waters. Where do I belong? where will I be happy? Question's continue to spin, threading itself amidst fear and excitement. But one things for sure, I know where my story began, and for that I'm thankful.


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