Chicago Photo Diary

Hey Guys! Hope everyone's enjoying their evening, It's absolutely beautiful here in New York. I wanted to give you a run-down of my amazing Chicago trip where I had the pleasure to stay in the new redesigned W hotel, Lakeshore property! I also attending Lollapalooza for the first time which was quite the experience! so let's get started: 

Where to stay: 

W Lakeshore- Newly redesigned, located on the shore of lake Michigan, walking distance within Navy Pier and the beach, W lakeshore has easily become one of my favorite hotels to stay in while visiting #Chicago. The entrance lobby is equipped with a chic island bar that leads down into the glowing restaurant below. I ate there 4 times in 5 days so that should tell you something. Hands down one of the best bloody mary's I've ever had....it's a must-try. Head over to W Hotels Blog to read more in-depth about my stay and experience during the insider collective events :) 

Notable events to attend in the year:

Lollapalooza- one of the top music festivals in the nation that hosts over 50 bands in Grant Park during a 3 day weekend. It has to be said that the demographic is very young, so if you're 16-20 you will probably have the most fun (in my opinion) - on an unrelated note and to answer most of your question, my favorite performance this year was CUT/COPY! 

What to eat:

Giordanos- One of the top rated deep dish pizza joints in town. I like to keep it simple with cheese but you can get all kinds of crazy with the choices they offer. Take a lot of friends...the portions are not humble. 

What to See:

Cloud Gate (the bean) - The all-time signature trademark from #Chicago is the bean! I recommend going early in the morning between the hours of 7am and 9am because that's the most beautiful lighting and there won't be a herd of people.

 John Hancock and Sears tower- The tallest buildings in the city that practically mirror each other and offer the some of the best views in the midwest. Doesn't matter which you choose to go up but some people prefer the Sears tower because it offers a SkyDeck view where you step into a fully enclosed, plexiglass cube that hangs over the side of the skyscraper...if you don't understand what I'm talking about, google it*. it's pretty spectacular. 

*skydeck sears tower chicago


Chicago is number 3 on my list of favorites places behind NY and London. It's such a beautiful, clean city that has so much to offer. The sights, people and food will not let you down. So if you're planning for a trip in the future, make sure to stay AT LEAST 4 days to really get your fill. I know this wasn't the most in depth review/destination guide but I will do plenty more on Chicago in the future so I'm leaving room for another post. Hope you enjoyed! 

-BIG thanks to the whole Team at W hotels for being so accommodating and wonderful during our stay. really look forward to teaming up again in the future. cheers!- 



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  2. aww :') adam , nice to see your smile again , you are better ever day xoxo come to ecuador please :)

  3. I would love to go some year!!


  4. Aww:3 adam you're so awesome!, It's nice to see you smile🙌❤️

  5. Looks you had an amazing trip adam ... very cool pics

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  9. Amazing! Love it, will defs checkout the places you recommended when I visit :)

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  11. He way too thin and anorexic looking to be a model. It doesn't help that he looks very effeminate.

  12. Thank you for sharing such a detailed photo diary. offered some really great suggestions that tour guides often miss. would love to visit Chicago and can't wait to see your other posts about it! and i really love the photo of Lollapalooza with pieces of paper falling from the sky. captured the moment! <3

  13. Great pictures that capture a simple trip to Chicago! :D

  14. So happy to see and read that you had an amazing time in Chicago. Beautiful photos and outfits, as always. Come back again soon!

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  16. You're probably the hottest guy alive, and you always visit Chicago when I leave the city :/

  17. Just been at the airport, but the city in itself looks amazing!!


  18. lol the old guy behind you in that photo, I love that he just decides to pose it in with you. He looks so happy. The outfit choices are great. It's faint and sensitive like the mellow mood of Chicago. It was great reading all your reviews too. I hope your new website revamp features more of them. I especially love Pizza, so I was pleased to see you could order worldwide online. Heartshaped cheese for me, lol.

  19. Seems like u got so much fun there!

    Awesome photos

  20. Loved this post A! I'll be in Chicago next week and am very excited because it's my first time there. Thanks for sharing!

    PS. Great ending to this post with that last photo!


  21. Hi Mate! You're such a big inspiration to your fellow bloggers, you know that? The style you have & create is something I aspire... Love your outfits, accesories & all that comes with it. Seems like you're having a great time over there. The shirt I like the most is the first one with the marine stripes... Oh and your watch off course! Have great trip man! Regards, Bjorn from Male Avenue

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  23. what a hottie! in those glasses! xo
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