Let's get Technical, Technical 

Today on I AM GALLA we're continuing the conversation of the NEW collections feature on EBAY 
with my second article focusing on tech items! 

As an aspiring singer myself, I thought what would be more appropriate than a “recording artist” 

collection and feature some awesome items that can be easily bought on EBAY! To start, we have a 

starters kit (go figure) Which includes a mic, mic cord, headphones, mic stand and filter! The 

portability allows you to set it up anywhere, it's awesome. In the collection I've also added virtual DJ 

mixing software which is what all the producers use in the studio to make the music sound 

professional! You'll also notice that there's a beat pad which allows you to create your own beats 

physically! Check out the rest below and you'll be on your way to professional studio artist-

For the next collection I wanted to feature relevant, modern technology so naturally I called it “techy 

techy.” This starts off by featuring the ipad, one of this generations best inventions in my opinion. It's 

sleek, thin and much easier to carry around than a laptop which makes it great for meetings and travel. 

Beats by Dre is next on this list, which I personally use mine on the daily. It's similar to the collection 

above in the sense that it's almost like you're in a music studio everywhere you go! The sound quality is 

great. Below that is the portable iphone charger, a godsend to my lifestyle! I'm always running around 

New York and on my social networks that by the end of a couple hours my battery is shot! But now that 

the genius, portable charger has been created I can re-juice mid day and survive the night. Check out 

some other handy, techy items below-

All in all, I'm thankful for gadgets and technology! It has made daily life much easier and efficient 
especially if you're trying to pursue a career that calls for it!
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Collaboration with eBay and Style Coalition.”



  1. Still, there was something beautiful to not having access to information at all times.



  2. Thank you so much Adam, I'm an aspiring singer too and this helped me so much ! Thank you

  3. I want Iphone 5!

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  5. I have a Roland MV8000 i don't know how to use


  6. Great selection, the headphones are awesome, I have the red ones!
    best wishes from

  7. the thing I am glad about, is the possibility of creating your own studio at home or renting space.


  8. LOVE this post. I love singing and recording but literally had no clue where to start when doing it all myself. Going to look into all these things! Never knew you were an aspiring singer, pleasantly surprised :)

  9. Your passion is inspiring. I hope you fulfill your dreams in your singing endeavors. Shoot for the stars! :)

  10. Oh my gosh this is great!! Perfect for the recordings I've always wanted to start to make! Thanks!!