HM jacket (here) HM shirt (similar here) HM tie (similar here) BigStar Archtypes (here) DrScholls boots (here) RiverIsland bag (more selection here) Spektre sunglasses (more selection here)

Screw good morning... it's a GREAT morning! I'm participating in a very exclusive contest for Big Star Jeans at a chance to go blog at Coachella! now, I KNOW you want to see those pictures and fun outfits so please please please VOTE FOR ME HERE: http://bit.ly/ZDUEs0

For the outfit I styled a pair of big star Archtypes with a checkered dress shirt, vibrant green tie and masculine utility jacket. Also added my new DrScholls boots for comfort! who would've known they had they're own shoe label? And to give the look some spice I added my signature reflective glasses.

again, if you have a minute please jaunty on over and VOTE FOR ME :-)

may the odds be ever in MY favor


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