Trench & spikes

Tigerofsweden trenchcoat (similar here) Superglamourous highland loafers (here) ZARA green sweater (similar here) Uniqlo dress shirt (similar here) H&M skinny tie (similar here) Bensherman black trousers (similar here) Rayban wayfarers (here)

photography: MIKI SPIN

Alright everyone, you heard it here first, don't piss me off while I'm wearing these shoes! I just might kick your ass! Considering these bad boys are embellished in spikes, I chose a toned down- business look to balance it out. I'll admit, these aren't my style one hundred percent but every now and then it's fun to try new things, am I right? Oh, and they're plaid...I mean c'mon, who doesn't like plaid? For those of you who are about to cut me with your swift words about pairing socks and loafers together, please reference the New York weather channel where an average of 38 degrees has been looming over the city. I want it to be spring, is that so much to ask for? California better offer me some sun next week!



  1. i love looking to your outfits as inspiration! even though you're a guy (and I'm a girl ahaha) I still draw a lot of ideas from everything :)

  2. Amazing look!