Grooming by GALLA

Hey guys, I thought today we could change it up and take a look into personal care and grooming. Let's  keep it simple and to the point.

SKINCARE: I'm going to let you in on a not-so-fun fact: My family (including myself) has bad, hereditary acne. Now I know what you're thinking, "but his skin is nice?" and that brings me to #2: ACNE.ORG's Regimen by Daniel Kern is by far the most successful product I've used in my life. I'm not a rep for them nor am I getting paid to say this, I genuinely believe that everyone should give this a try because of how effective it is.

upside: get's rid of most acne
downside: dryness

tip: deal with dryness (beard dryness) with a little jojoba oil. works wonders, make your skin glow. all you need is a few drops after the shower when your pores are opened. 

SHOWERCARE: Being a fresh new yorker I've realized that my (body)skin has really taken a toll, it get's severely dry and chapped. To ensure the most moisture while I shower I use South of France - Green Tea moisturizing body wash. About twice a week I'll exfoliate with Dove's deep cleaning microbead wash just for the tough dirt and dead skin. Turning over to haircare I use Tresemmé which I'll admit I'm not the most pleased with. It's an affordable option but if you're willing to spend a bit more than go for Biolage mint. you can feel it tingling and cooling on your scalp, it's rad. 

upside: moisture! 
downside: bit pricey 

Continuing with haircare, let's segue into styling. Everyone seems to think I put in some magical ingredients but truth be told all I use is a comb, hairspray and shine. For styling, the Tresemmé hairspray has never let me down. A traditional comb from the drugstore help's shape it while blowdrying, yes I blow dry it. And then as a finishing touch I like to add Bumble & Bumble's shine spray

upside: everything
downside: nothing

There you have it, my grooming tips and "Secrets"

got something to recommend? I love trying new products! comment below



  1. I personally use label.m products. They have very good product lines.
    I have a question and i really hope u advise me with some help. I noticed hat u dye ur hair in two colors which gave it more personality and great looking. i honestly wanna do that but don't know what to do. I have black hair and I'm a brunette skin. thank u in advance for the help

  2. Try American Crew hair wax/clay! With that kind of hair it will work miracles! Also a hair tutorial would be nice please. :)

  3. I was very happy that I found this website. I want to to thank you for this excellent information!! looks like a pretty good product skin care . thanks for the giveaway and review! :)