Casa de Galla

Welcome! Come in, please, come in I insist. Despite sounding like a complete freak, I genuinely want to show you guy's my new New york crib!  I regrettably was forced to take these pictures with an iphone due to my camera's inept ability to zoom out (it's a fixed lens preventing me from getting any good shots of my small room) But hey, it's new york people, you have to make sacrifices. As you can see, I have made-over my "shoebox" if you will, into a homey, warm and comfortable lounge. I would like to direct your attention to the uncountable number of twinkle lights plunging below my loft! magical right? *runs fingers through the soft faux zebra blanket* a personal favorite..thanks grandma, you'd be happy to know I snuggle up with it on my futon whilst netflix-ing. I made-do without having an actual closet and built one! bags on top, outerwear sandwiched in the middle and dress shirts at the foundation. Cubbies also came in handy.. a bitch to assemble but a babe to look at it. Hats took the wall, belts took to hanging and a bright stitched rug occupies the floor. Oh then there's the bed, approximately 5 inches from the ceiling :) I love hearing my second floor neighbors clop around their floor at 5 am. That's unfortunately the only downfall but I'll get used to it! And yes, that's a Hercules blanket. I've had it since I was 5 and my inner adolescent won't let it go.  

There you have it! A peak into my personal life, living quarters and pad! 




  1. OMG. That is so cool man. Im huuge brazilian fan, and this is my favorite post. Parabens ;)

  2. Hi man, I realy liked your place. It's too small and so cute, comfortable!
    But, let me ask you about a thing that I noted: WHERE'S THE BATHROOM?