Singing in the rain

CanvasLandsEnd blazer (similar here) Target burgundy shirt (similar here) ZARA velvet bowtie (similar here) Topman vest (here) Active skinny jeans (similar here) Clubmasters (here) Topman satchel (similar here) GUCCI loafers (here)

In New York when it rains, it pours. Never was a big fan but that didn't stop us today! I threw on a dapper ensemble and skipped amongst puddles like Gene Kelly! Remedy for a gloomy day? Bright, bold pieces that turn heads! Considering I'm now a resident of the only city that favors black over anything, I promise not to fall victim to a colorless wardrobe! Spring approaches but not fast enough...At least I'll have work to keep me busy. I have a few meetings/dinners/lunches/brunches etc this coming week to talk future collabs and projects. Look's like I was right, New York has open arms for opportunity. I just need to continue to "werq" hard! Stick with me people!



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  2. i need a unique and sophisticated color shirt...