Galla treats - Ice Cream Sunday

ArmaniExchange blazer (more here) ZARA vneck sweater (more here) H&M white dress shirt (more here) Ben Shurman trousers (more here) Fabrix manvelope (here) BCBG herve leger hat (coming soon - similar here) SUPER sunglasses (similar here) Topman red tie (here)

Yesterday the sun finally decided to peak around the dissipating clouds and warm the new york natives (tourists were lucky as well) I took full advantage of the weather and decided to indulge in a little treat, ice cream! I rarely crave a good cone of cookies-and-creaminess but yesterday it was vital! I wore a dark layered outfit with my recently favored baseball cap and a popping red tie. I love the new city I live in, it's so much fun and convenient for any food!

this may or may not be the beginning of "Galla treats".. a series of posts featuring unique and fun foods that are found all over the city of Manhattan! I thought "now that I live in a food capital of the world, might as well take full advantage of that AND SHARE IT"

so stay tuneddddddddddd


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