Ombré & satchel

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Any day starting off with a big box of clothes at your doorstep is sure to be a good one. When I woke to a doorbell I instantly knew that my fresh shipment of ShopTheGallaxy product had arrived. Sure enough as I ferociously opened the box, and looked down at the merch I could almost hear the angels singing in the background. My San Diego designer Tevin really 'knows what's up' because I think these pieces are going to be a big hit, so thank you Tevin! I had an event later that night and without any hesitation I decided to showcase one of the items. I went with the denim Ombré shirt which received many compliments, thus telling me that it was going to succeed via online-shop(BUY IT). The event Bethany, Olivia & I attended was a birthday 'party' at Petra gallery, on the outskirts of Beverly Hills. The birthday boy (and good friend of mine) Elias Fernandez and his buddy Elliot Salehani designed their own line of Tee's that ranged from whimsical silk-screen to pattern cutouts, and dye methods. He promised me a few of them to blog (and have), which I'll definitely be holding him to that. all in all, a successful day and fun night was achieved.  Somewhere between the conversations of "who is lizzie grant?" and "Starbucks, froyo, or kosher stripclub?" was a talk about blog makeovers and web design. not hinting anything to early, but you know I get bored easily....maybe a new design?



  1. AWSOME that shirt looks sweet shoes are very beautiful very fantastic outfit post today.

  2. I love your hair (;
    You look awesome!

  3. Oh god!
    I love your shirt!!! I want one. Wonderful the pictures :D


  4. that shirt is great! I want one for myself :)

    xo Stephanie
    honey & silk blog
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  5. great outfit!!and lovely pictures!!the first one with bethany is so so cute!!!!

  6. Great top! Sounds like youre just having such success, congrats you must be so happy! :)


  7. Amazing shirt. Love the pics, you're babing!

    x x Stace

  8. i love your ombre shirt! i really want it! :)

    Hei Echa!

  9. nice shirt <3
    Olivia and Bethany looked great :)