Laguna beach X Billabong party

The event was literally right on the coast of laguna. it was gorgeous.
they had a variety of painters at the event too. kind of cool
The mens collections were nice. everything from knits to tees. it got me pretty excited for summer this year. 
the knits look pretty comfy. and i liked the cable stitching as well. 
they had these cool nostalgic skateboard for decorations. the party was very well put together. 
and the shoes! they were pretty awesome 
beth looking at sweaters. 
since I was playing photographer all night Beth only got one shot of me....and it was blurry-_____- thanks beth. I was wearing a simple jean shirt buttoned all the way to the top with a necklace, tight skinnies and red vans. 
leaving the event! trying to not get run over :)

so all in all it was a fun evening. Beachwear isn't necessarily my style but I do have to say that I would sport some of the knitwear or shoes. 

Have an event tonight with Beth & Olivia L in LA for a birthday at an art gallery. I'll keep you all updated via twitter and take loads of pix. 

As for my new store SHOPTHEGALLAXY.COM, I couldn't be happier. the first day I got a whopping $350 in gross sales and over 2300 page views. thats great! thank you all! I'm constantly thrift shopping/vintage shopping and collaborating with my designers getting new pieces in so make sure your following me on twitter (@iamgalla) for all the latest product updates, sales, coupons etc. etc. 



  1. Im happy your website is a success :)

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  3. love the billabong collection, looks great!

  4. Beth look so pretty. And you looked dashing as always. =D

  5. nice post <3 looks great


  6. Love this knits, it looks very comfy


  7. congratulations!
    I keep my fingers crossed for your store;)

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  9. So happy for your success! You deserve it!