Switchblades & leather

Viparo leather jacket B.Lo switchblade necklace ZARA pants Fabrix satchel Converse high tops TopmanNY shirt VANS hat TopmanNY jewelry Raybans glasses 

photo credit: Bethany Struble

afternoon peeps. Quick post today. Peter and I went to knotts berry farm for a second day (yes in a row) but this time Bethany could come! so it was fun for her and watch her scream on all the rides considering she hadnt been there for like 10 years or something. For the outfit I went with neutral cool colors, but sharp features, figuratively and seriously....I've had this necklace for a few months now but I realized I never showed you guys that it was an actual switchblade. cool right. B.Lo jewelry is pretty awesome check em out: HERE. also on another note- I'm about 90 percent finished with my store layout and design, very excited. Going to start receiving product soon from my designers, as well as thrift adventures starting next week and tons of DIY pieces I'll be creating for the store also. stay tuned.

for the next few weeks I'll be giving out store credit instead of GIVEAWAYS for my new store opening February 1st!!!!!



  1. Wow, amazing! Love the jacket!

  2. OMG, Knotts 2 days in a row ! ha ha When i'm in LA, 1 days is more than enough :P Love the outfit btw but i've preferred the one before ;) So exciting about your store you telling us for some time now ! :D Is it going to be only for american citizen or will you ship worldwide (I'm french lol) ?

    xo xo !


  3. thanks guys! DJG the store will be international!! :]

  4. Hello! You have a really gorgeous smile and an awesome sense of style, how I wish all the guys I know dress like you! Love your blog and looks!

    Sending love from Singapore ♥

  5. Hi I love you're blog :)) . However, I was wondering is you can follow my blog http://the-proverbs.blogspot.com/ by clicking "join this site" in the left margin.

  6. You have great style! i'm excited about your store! i hope to open one in the future as well! I'm looking forward to more posts from you and your store's link!

    I am also your NEWEST FOLLOWER! I would absolutely love if you would follow me back too ^_^ stay chill!

    God bless,

  7. I cant't wait to see your products!:)
    outfit is prefect, as always

  8. Niiice outfit!


  9. thanks everyone! glad your all so excited about the store. I will be making my own exclusive shorts that will be cut, bleached, dyed and STUDDED! all for guys!!!

  10. Yay, I can comment again! Awesome outfit, as always. The leather jacket is very nice!

  11. I love this knife cross!!! Totally awsome ;D


  12. AGAIN ..... AWESOMEEEEEEEE !!!! <3

  13. I know my english is not perfect, because i'm a french.. But your are AWESOME :). Why you live in L.A ? I want a man like you in french ;). XX

  14. I like your style your dressing sense is excellent.