happy new year! first blog post of 2012!!! exciting right?
So after i got off work I joined Olivia L(lustforlife) Bethany Struble (snakesnest) Peter Adrian(madeinchina) and Olivia's friend Michael for dinner in Downtown LA @ Bottega Louie. the food was great, we got everything from meatballs, to margarita pizza and pomodoro pasta. as you can see, I was incredibly under-dressed due to the fact I was going to party hardy after dinner(or so I thought). We jet from the restaurant around 11 to end up at the warehouse party which had a line all the way around the block, we reconsidered then came up with another plan. Rushing up the LA hills, we had a connection to get into the American Apparel Mansion then found ourselves sitting on the roof overlooking Downtown and Hollywood....at the same time. You can see in the picture above that the view was so vast, it was panoramic. When the clock struck 12, we toasted with our sparkling cider to a brave new year and watched the hundreds of fireworks that went off in the various cities. It was epic. yes i said epic. It was a great way to spend NYE and think about what's to come!

my resolutions:
1)eat healthier. every day
2)gym avidly
3)positive thinking/ good energy for everything
4)keep achieving goals, be successful

what were your resolutions? I want to hear.

ps. I'll be announcing the URBAN O GIVEAWAY WINNER tomorrow!



  1. Beautiful. Happy New Year, Adam :)

  2. I wanna celebrate NYE in the USA, here in switzerland, it's so boring to celebrate NYE!
    Much happiness for the future my dear...:)
    PS.: four beautiful people...;)

  3. cool :)
    1)eat healthier. every day
    2)gym avidly .. the same here :) greets from Poland again :p

  4. sounds like you had a great time:)
    mine NYR is to focus my energy on school and family and to stop swearing, ha.

    hope 2012 brings you the best xx

  5. Happy New Year, Adam! :)
    & the keyword is Happy!! X

  6. 1) discover new music
    2) get more social and get to know my friend's friends, haha
    3) paint, draw, paint, draw, paint, draw
    4) get a whole new closet
    5) feel better about myself.

    and that's about it! ;) haha I hope I can keep some of them at least.

  7. where do you get all your fancy sweaters from!?!? big fan!

  8. Well whatya know, it's not the end of the world after all like some predicted...

    happy 2012!!!

    hope this year your closet will be filled with new inspirations and ideas :D


  9. Happy New Year :), love the pictures, glad you had fun!

  10. Love the view! What a lovely way to spend NYE
    You all look fabulous! Peter's smile is so adorable!
    Mine was great as well , spent it with the family actually. As for my resolutions.. well I always say I'm going to eat healthier but I never seem to keep up with it xD but I will try again this year! I'm actually an aspiring fashion designer/stylist, so I really want to focus this year on getting into the industry somehow :) and going to more shows and sketching a lot more! 2012 will be MY year! hahah Hopefully bump into you in LA! A chance to meet someone who's inspired me so much! Thank You Adam! Can't wait for more blog posts.

  11. Happy New Year ;) (●^o^●) C'mon U can count on us to help you w/ the 3rd wish.

  12. Nice to see you guys together :)

  13. Happy New Year Adam!

  14. you had so much fun...as for me that's important who you celebrate new year with because here in Russia we believe that you will spend the year the way you celebrated it!
    my the only resolution is
    believe in myself and what i do.
    Happy New Year!

  15. OMG I'm so jalous ! your NYE seemed to be great !! ;) Hope you had loads of fun ! Happy new year ! (I love your blog + styles) Keep going Adam !

    xo xo


  16. Happy New Year to you too!
    Just came across you blog :)

    Bottega Louie its one of my favorite places!!!
    I used to live in Downtown LA, how I miss the weather now. .