Inspiration & desires 4

To this day I couldn't stand wearing watches, or anything on my wrist for long periods of time... but I've decided to suck it up this year and force myself to like them. they look fresh.
stoping @ the supreme LA location next week to pick me up some hats. end. of. story. 
they got each others back. or um, other things at least. 
before you freak out, i have to say this is the BEST I've ever seen justin beiber dress. really clean and good colors. thumbs up beibz 
the hair plus the hat....perfection 
if and when i get to move into my OWN apartment (not a house I'm currently renting a room from) I will make my room something like this. decorate by hanging apparel? I LIKE 
JACK!? JACK!!!! 
these people need their own show on MTV or something. their fashion and lifestyle is too entertaining. (in a good way) 
guy on the left's outfit is sweet. want some nikes like that. 
hello perfect skate shoes

just another day in LA! have work 2-10:30 -_- i won't miss retail AT ALL. have a kick-ass-last-friday-of-2011! check back tomorrow for an outfit post! and the urban O giveaway ends tomorrow night at 12am!



  1. ah-mazing blogpost. love every single picture! and this room looks so nice :) happy new year, adam! XX

  2. Haha, nice to see you're starting to like Supreme! I love their snapbacks, pullovers, etc. You should check out Norse Projects and Obey they make some really unique 6-panels/Snapbacks with paisley, navajo & floral print, they look dope. Also, I've posted many of the photos you've used for you inspiration/desires posts, and more, on my tumblr. I hate to promote myself, but if you want to see more images, you can check them out here: http://meekeymoose.tumblr.com/
    I hope you keep up your blogposts I really enjoy them! Have a good day!

  3. titanic reference for the win! dicaprio is such a stud. hope you have a lovely new year!!

  4. oh, great post! it's this kind of style on guys that's awesome. keep it up!
    btw here is a girl's blog, she is really gorgeous and she has an amazing taste in fashion, in my opinion. she writes in swedish but has alot of pics on her blog so I think you should check it out!---> http://tofauti.blogg.se

  5. You should check out a norwegian guy who's name is Marcus Ek, he's a blogger and he also has a sense of style like you. I cant stop saying it, but i really really love your style! Its so original,and genious , and yet its very classic at once.

  6. Sorry, i didnt mean Marcus Ek, i meant Kjetil Lundstein :)

  7. you & biebs = Double Awesomeness! (:

    Hope you have a blessed 2012.


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  9. Wow, I love the photo with three guyz he most, especially the lady in the middle <3 I've always had crush on black s8 high vans, but now I don't have anything to wer with them :( And ofc jeans jacket is epic <3

  10. wow everyone! thanks for all the references, i will check them all out! happy new years!