The Victim

1)smoke scarf-H&M
2)gray distressed skinnys-cotton on
3)purple lightning/skull tee-crossroads
4)boots- all saints: spitalfields
5)bag- urban O
6)glasses- ray ban
7)rings- topman new york

"and the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down!" - doesn't it look like that? don't ask how I came across this pile of junk next to my secret photo shoot area but hey! might as well sit on it and take a shot! to parallel the grunge vibe i wore my new metal-tee i bought from crossroads and paired it with my usual black cardi and ray bans. the distressed gray skinny's from cotton on were such a great buy! have a friend who's the manager there so i got them for dirt-cheap...like 10 dollars. how awesome right? then there was the boots...oh how i die for these boots. bought them while i was in new york. i wish all saints wasn't so damn over priced, it really makes me mad because i would buy everything if it wasn't 200 dollars each -_- regardless...i can buy pieces here and there and try to dress them in what i already have. smart styling choices! what smart styling choices do you do? vintage pieces and new pieces together perhaps? i want to hear!