The majestic

1)abstract sweater- HERE
2)white shirt- topman new york
4)FABRIX satchel-HERE
5)boots- ZARA

hey everyone! short post today! but im trying to squeeze in as many as i can because i have so many clothes/styles/inspiration i want to show you guys! so expect at least 3 posts a week for awhile. as for this one, another Tevin Vincent piece was sent to me and also once again, i love it. the sweater is cozy, unique and abstract=best. its perfect timing for winter. i paired it with my whimsical teal pants and vintage iridescent sunnies. hope you like.

oh ps. sorry for the lack of content in this post too...my camera died while on the shoot :( and im too lazy to reshoot so heres the 2 images that are going to satisfy you! no objections! haha