you were the section of my magazine

featured on LOOKBOOK.NU

i am wearing:

1) bleached red/gray hoodie shirt- metro park
2)AC/DC shirt- thrifted
3)shoulder bag- heritage 1981
4)black skinny's- urban outfitters
5)doc martens
6)studded cuff- metro park

yesterday i decided to shoot some pictures of this outfit on the trackssss. i know its not my most crafted, concept outfit and surroundings but overall i liked the turn out. I received my doc martens in the mail and cried, they're so beautiful. everyone needs a pair. other then that, thank you all for being patient with my lack of uploading LB outfits. I've been taking a break from the camera and just enjoying summer a little bit. but don't you worry, there's SOOOO many more amazing thoughts that i need to put in process so keep checking back!

I also have an AMAZING surprise that i can't wait to tell you guys! unfortunately i can't at this time...but I'll drop some hints: I'm in contact with a few people in regards to publications

thats it! no more! i could get in trouble! follow me on twitter for up to date info on all my crazy fashion internships, up coming collaborations and projects!


alright fashion followers, hope you like my newest look for lookbook! go HYPE it!:)

xoxo adam


  1. Can't leave home without the dm's. Great blog..


  2. Hi there..greetings from Thailand...your style is simply amazing...in addition,what camera are you using..ur pics is amazing and clear...Nice blog u have too.

  3. I really love these photos, and the outfit of course :) !
    You're definitely my favorite guy, on LookBook ;D.