knock knock; its adam

sooo as a few of you may noticed i haven't posted on LB in awhile. just taking a little break, don't you worry! ;] i have a handful of ideas i still need to put into action...that I'm really excited about. so my life lately has been such a roller coaster ride. in regards to the internship, the experience has been fantastic. who would of thought that little ol adam g would be dressing previous americas next top models, working along side a world renown photographer, and assisting industry specialists. The whole thing is surreal and I thank the gods everyday. Currently his main stylist is planning on going to the navy in october sooo im hoping that after a few months of interning for him, showing loyalty and passion he'll hire me! not only would I be doing what I lvoe everyday, but I would also be getting paid a substantial amount for a 19 year old living in LA. Those are my aspirations for the future to come but just as quickly my life changed once i received the offer, it can also change from now to october so I won't get my hopes up.

As for my personal life, (since some of you seem sooo interested via formspring!) is going okay. me and my parentals seem to be on a few same pages...*sarcastic chuckle* the bottom line is, that we just have a different way of thinking and living. despite the few fueds we've been in, my mom and I remain attached at the hip. she truly is my BESTfriend. She offered to help me finically when I move to LA for my apartment, cause she knows its going to be a struggle. but hopefully not to long of a struggle if the job I said before opens up. who knows. fingers crossed.

i want a really modern apartment...maybe even a studio kind of thing. with high ceilings and bricks...i would also add touches of plain abstract furniture because i've never been about the norm. originality all the way! here, the following picture is along the lines of something I would like to have in the future...

isn't it stunning?

well I hope a few of you think it is.

onto the topic of my job. I know some of you follow my twitter (@adamappleseed) and realize I post ads for up and coming ice cream and all that desserty deliciousness...and that's because i currently work at COLDSTONE! I know a lot of you are from different countries so allow me to show a picture ....

you see, we take the ice cream the customer has chose, slab it on a piece of frozen granite (hence coldstone) and we mix it with delectable chocolates, candy's or various fruits! it's really a hit here in america, ranging from california all the way to the big apple! we also sing for tips! but I'll leave it at that.


as nature calls, as well as chores, i must conclude my blog post for today. I would like to say thank you for those who were interested in my personal life because now I feel more close with all of you! you now have a sense of what I do on my regular day to day life. not that cool right? ;) but the fun and exciting parts of my days here in boring ol riverside is when i get to create lookbook outfits and art...so be looking out for those soon! like a week! i love you all. keep inspiring.

xoxo adam


  1. what an incredible moment in your life, professional photographer and all, live it's wonderful, I loved your idea of home, perfect text, loved the blog.

  2. THIS IS AMAZING ADAM, you're going to be an amazing designer and don't worry you'll get the job, just stay positive and keep your fingers crossed, everything will be okay... just keep doing what you love. :o

  3. haha, in australia we actually have 'coldrock' instead of 'coldstone' same thing but different name.
    great blog :)

  4. the appartment is stunning, but don't you think it misses a little bit of soul and edge(except for the ceiling)?

  5. I Think i saw a similar place at the CAMPER Hotel, verry cutie and similar atmosphere.