so i wanted to tell all of you fashion fans of mine THANK YOU for making my newest GAGA look so successful! It's currently number 1 in the world this week at 1600 hypes and number 7 in the world for ALL TIME male looks! words cannot express how thankful i am! i really appreciate it. GAGA was my inspiration and she led me to receiving my highest hyped look ever. it's a dream so i personally wanted to thank all of you close followers

these next few days:

keep checking in! i have a lot in store. NEW LB POST COMING AT YOU ON MONDAY. i also recently went to VENICE beach (Los angeles ca) and they had some AMAZING thrift/vintage stores. I took a lot of pictures of the fashion displayed in the streets and I'm going to be posting a blog on that as well.

as for those jeans I've been obsessing over....here they are.

I AM DYING TO HAVE THESE CHEAP MONDAY PATCH JEANS. soooo i get paid on tuesday and they're the FIRST on my list! I will be pairing them with an AMAZINGGGGG piece from great britain. I have been planning this outfit since november! if you can believe it! its really going to be my personal favorite, showstopping, unique and signature outfit once it's complete. Finishing touches are been applied and let's see what magic we can make!



  1. Hi! I've seen your looks at lookbook at random and i have to say to say i love it! *-*
    I follow u, nice to meet you
    ciao :)

  2. oo! I love your style and your music!! kisses:)

  3. sorry, just have to say this- you're gorgeous! hope you don't find it awkward like some people do.. oh well. lots of love from finland

  4. awe thank you jeanette! i want to go to finland! so many people are gorgeous there! like you and your golden hair<3!

  5. You are EXTREMELY GORGEOUS, you're like on fire and I've seen you before on twitter and formspring but now I see a clean-cut image and you're absolutely HOT!!! Where do you get sooo good looks from? Probably in the genes, haha... :O