They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot!

Yesterday, I drove to Orange County to visit my best friend for a fun hangout day:) we decided to get some shooting time in there amongst this amazingly beautiful field of yellow and white flowers. later we grabbed some lunch and did some shopping. it was all together an amazing day. Everything I'm wearing in the pictures above is basically from H&M:) I love all you fashionistas!


  1. Ces photos sont magnifiques !

  2. I love the stripes with the chambray shirt.
    looking forward to your posts :)


  3. I love your bracelet with "religious pictures" ! (I saw your look on Lookbook) Where do you buy it ?! (because I have the same... but I live in France...)

  4. Doesn't everyone love H&M? I like your blog very Nice! If you have time to check out my blog?
    www.cocovanah.blogspot.com :)

  5. dude! i looked at my friends lookbook and then, suddenly you came up! youre style is just aaaaawesome and beyond! (if you think that i write strangly, its because i'm from sweden!) i'm not active on my blog, but i had to sign in to comment. well, good look!