HEY everyone! i switched to Blogspot! yayyy! tumblr was way to complicated, either that or I'm slow...anyways. i find this site much more customizable, personal and user friendly. SOOOO, today my best friend & I hit LA for one of her modeling castings for ROSS, she was pretty confident about it she said (she's brilliant i tell you...) but after we enjoyed a nice junk-food lunch at IN-NOUT, the greatest californian burgers EVER. I bought a collection of things as well, including, a portfolio for modeling, a styling portfolio, a camera case and brothers bday gift! snaps for spending! :) not only was i able to spend money, i squeezed in a photoshoot at some
random park in san gabriel valley (i think...?) not the greatest outfit or inspiration I'll admit but it was a fun afternoon and I enjoyed my Best Friends company. This candid shot above was absolutely breathtaking in my opinion. Completely caught the feeling i was going for... which didn't happen so well in my pictures, but everyone has their ooff-days! leave me alone;)
I would also like to say how excited I am for the rest of my spring break to go to the beach tomorrow with my other best friend and then a date on friday night! so a lot of good things are going for me and I hope they dont mess up! cross your fingers! For all you Lookbook.nu obsessed fans, I have SO MUCH in
store for you guys, I'm really excited to show you what pieces I've been working with...and that brings me to number two about lookbook. I want to go ahead and Thank you all for supporting me, cheering my style on and all the kind words. Really, you are all too kind and i want to give each and every one of you hugs! I honostly do it for you guys, the world needs to be inspired and create more artistic growth among society! style is no exception! "The rules are out the window! " michael kors quoted on the season of project runway...and they really are. dont be afriad to be who you are in life, youll go so much further. anywho, I didnt know I was going to go into a big inspiration speech, I'm just so excited for the future!

-Adam Gallagher


  1. good decision changing to blog-spot i look forward to reading your blog :D!!!

    Roman @

  2. I'm very excited with your blog! I've liked your looks so much on lookbook! Also, I really like your hair, what product do you use?

  3. I think blogspot is better as well and good luck with it. I Love your style and blog and your personal writing style! I cant wait for more posts from you and more style inspirations.

    check out my blog i do illustrations.


  4. god you look so much like Ryan Gosling on the second half of the first pic! wooow that is scary. But it's a good thing though (:

  5. Just discovered your blog a couple days ago (via lookbook haha). I'm already amazed, just skimming through the images.

  6. "dont be afriad to be who you are in life, youll go so much further"
    That was truly inspirational! And it applies to everything... i love writing; i love writing for myself, no matter if theres anyone who wants to read my stuff or not :P

  7. It's nice to see where it all started. Good for you Adam!