GAGA geek chic; we'll haunt like liberace

HELLO EVERYONE! with april showers ending...may flowers are soon to come! so excited! these past few weeks have been extremely hectic with school, work, a social life AND trying to squeeze in blogging and LB. For my new look here, i was really inspired by GAGA and also the whole geek chic theme. i decided to combine the two together and WALA! there ya go. In these shots i am wearing my new FAVORITE black/long cardigan. (its sooo hard to just find a decent plain black cardi but H&M delivered and I'm very happy for it) I also and finally bought a pair of clear black rimmed glasses so i don't have to wear those other lensless ones LOL. the shorts in the pic are also from H&M and i felt it turned the look a hint towards spring so i liked it. the shots were taken in a back alley parking lot of my town and the pictures are provided from my best friends wonderful photography skills:) I hope to be posting more & more looks as i try to get a second job and more flowing income. I AM officially buying a pair of cheap monday jeans soon that i have been obsessing over the past 2 weeks and possibly more tank-tops:)


  1. love ur shirt lady gaga
    stunning ill follow u if u follow me ok??
    comment back!!

  2. Damn you're hot.. ;)
    Love the glasses.


  3. Nice shirts....love it..u have a fabulous taste..

  4. Hello Adam!
    Gosto muito do seu blog e falo direto do Brasil. Suas fotos são ótimas, com muita personalidade mesmo, gostaria muito de postar sobre você no meu Blog. Até mais!

  5. I've got the same t shirt! :)