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A man’s home should be his sanctuary and representation of himself. Wether you favor dark and moody or bold and bright, one thing is for sure- these spaces allow us to paint a picture of what home means to us. If you would've asked me five years ago what my ideal residence would be, I probably would've said something high brow such as a penthouse atop of some luxurious building here in NYC. Of course, I don't dock myself for being a dreamer but the realistic side of me knows better. I may not be in a penthouse currently but a 250 square foot 1 bedroom in soho is close, right? RIGHT?! At the moment my space is quite sad and in dire need of a makeover, but in my defense I only just moved in last june....*clears throat* I walk in daily and stare at the blank walls and lack of furniture only to hope that one day, when I'm not constantly traveling that I'll find time to give it a much needed facelift (Rest in Peace Joan Rivers) but seriously...for the next few weeks I'm going to give my apartment some much needed attention. But don't worry, I haven't forgot about you guys! In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my interior design inspiration I've come across the web. Take a gander at the exposed elements and unblemished decor...for one day you might be in my position: screwed with a boring apartment. 

it is what it is people. 

images: I do not own ANY of these images. they were found online while zipping through the cosmos. if you or anyone you know owns these and would like them removed/credited, please email me at gallastylist@gmail.com and i will happily reciprocate. 

written/edited by Nick Pierce & Adam Gallagher 


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    1. sup sup super!!!+++
      enjoy my new look in SPAIN!!!


  2. Yes that's a great idea :) because your home should be unique, it should be an image of peace for you ! so good luck and make it by the best of you ! i'm sure it would be great ^^

  3. I'm in the exacttt same position as you, but I just moved into my new place a couple weeks ago. I've been on the hunt for some cool, vintage furniture, a gnarly rug, and some wall dressings to make my new apartment feel like home.

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Beverly Center Style event last week, and I hope you get to furnish your apartment sooner than later (as I wish the same for me). Ha.


    Kevin Ipalari

  4. Beautuful <33


  5. Am obsessed with your blog Adam! Keep up the good work

  6. please do post an update ? of your apartment ? please please

  7. You write very well, my goodness.

  8. ADAM! The other day I was swamped in homework and just a ton of things I didn't want to do. So I texted my cousin to complain and I said, "I hate how I have to sit here and do all this crap and Adam Galla is probably having a bath in his penthouse suite on the 54th floor." And then you post this!! It was just too freaky for us.

    Anyways, I look forward to seeing your decorated and furnished new apartment.

  9. These pictures are so perfect and inspiring! In love with every room!

  10. I LOVE modern/contemporary houses! I just love the clean and sleek lines. If I had my own place, I would do everything black, white, and different hues of gray with subtle accents of color. I wanna go furniture shopping with you and help give your apartment a makeover!

    And I like the fact that your place is 250 square feet because it shows that not all successful bloggers live in a fancy three bedroom house/apartment. <3

  11. I live in a studio apartment, so I think thats pretty sweet. Though having dreams is great - it keeps you hungry and every accomplishment starts from somewhere right? I actually had a funny conversation interestingly enough with my friend the other day about the qualms of renting and apartments. People work so hard to pay for their inordinately high rental prices that you they don't really get much time to really immerse themselves in their space. Even sleep can often feel like a luxury. You're essentially just paying for a pretty space that collects dust all day, lol. Though I can relate with you. I travel around so often for school, I haven't really had the time to settle in and make any place my home. Living transitionally means packing light wherever I go, more or less unless I want to store a truckload in my luggage haha. If (and when) I finally graduate, I think then it be great then when I'm fallen into my own and a developed a true sense of self, I think it will fun to style a home of my own. I also think if I was in a serious relationship, it would be fun to do that more so with a partner. It would be quite the blend, lol. Though there is literally an IKEA 5 min away from where I live and I have to do everything in my power not to blow my entire student loans in there. Right now I do like my place. I think you can see pieces of my persona, my heart and soul hidden the depths and crevices in the simplest of items that withhold some disheartened truth or another. Or the journey its taken. In true to my mercurial side, I use my space a lot to multitask. I take great pride and joy compartmentalizing and managing my time what with watching shows in the shower or shaving lol. I think its essence for now foreshadows, like in all things, for what is left and yet to come. That keeps me hopeful.

  12. such cool and stylish interior design...


  13. Great inspirational images!


  14. I must say..you have great taste in decor/design.

  15. Those inspiration pictures are everything! Of course a small apartment in SoHo is the same as living in a penthouse...but in all seriousness I love SoHo and would love to live in a one bedroom there. I can't wait to see what your place looks like once it's finished.


  16. I'm a girl and every single picture pretty much captured what I want to do with my own house... When I have one... I just love the idea of blending rich dark colours with softer olive accents (olive green, or green in general, has always been my fave colour). Seriously get giddy as heck every time I think about house decor.
    Home is definitely what you make it :)

  17. Good selection!! I love the decoration.

    NEW OUTFIT IN MY BLOG!!: http://diamondconestilopropio.blogspot.com.es/

  18. Quite frankly this is the kind of interior I tend to gravitate towards, I´m a girl but I fancy something like this myself :)