Hey Guys! know i haven't posted on here in awhile, just been dealing with yet again ANOTHER move! but this time it's different...I finally got my own one bedroom in soho Manhattan, so no more roomies or issues haha I just prefer living alone with my own space, are you guys the same? 

One of my staple styles you'll see I wear in person is definitely relaxed-edge...a mixture of different cottons and leather! I spiced up the combo even more by adding my new Creative Recreation Prio black snake kicks( I'm always a fan of adding more textures to an ensemble) you'll have to check out some more styles from this seasons collection, think you guys would dig it. 

photographer: Nick Pierce 



  1. Totally agree... The times I lived with someone they were close friends of mine and we didn't have any issue, but that's risky as well: you might reinforce your friendship or kill it...

    But I also prefer to live on my own, with my own rules, a space completely of my own, so I wish you the best in you new place!

    I also like what you wear a lot, classic colours, always fashionable. Perfect look! and nice hair!!!


  2. i love this outfit
    i love your amazing style


  3. Loving so much your sneakers!!
    And the color of the shirt fits perfect on you,
    really awesome look, so cool Adam
    best wishes from

  4. great pics


  5. Penumbra! - my new favorite word. Love its meaning. Thanks! :)

    That's a good question. It depends, in undergrad I was fortunate enough to live with strangers that literally became my lifelong friends. Then I know of others that have had horrible experiences. I live alone now as a grad student and I guess its nice coming home for a change not having to worry about if the place is a mess and have actual room to cook, haha. So it has its pluses. Sometimes I do wish I had a good group of people to be completely uninhibited with around me, it makes life more enriching. Then there are my best friends where in a heartbeat no questions I would live with any day of the week no matter what. We just generally have no boundaries or filters with each other which is great cause we can be direct and blunt. So we can solve issues very easily because at the end of the day its very important to us to cooperate and compromise with one another which is very liberating. It really depends on how close and comfortable you are with people. Though personally, in this period of my life I don't really want to surround myself with people that either do drugs or have destructive bad habits. I'd like to surround myself with positive people that aren't a harm to my sacred space to answer your question more directly. In that case, living alone may be better to reduce that risk. There is also meditation too that helps in the face of inevitable chaos in life, you can find some "stillness" or groundedness regardless. I find it preserves that sacred space for me should I encounter any. Though I'd prefer to have balance and harmony in all my interpersonal relationships with people hopefully, lol.

    I love the olive green. The shoes are spectacular too! I get a bit of a crocodile theme feel from all this, which is well put together here (though I understand you may have been going for snakes). I especially love the dark black Guess jeans, its very clean and makes an otherwise simple ensemble look very pristine and sharp-edged; adding to the razor sharp theme you may have been going. I dig your earthy vibe that makes me want to #hustle, haha.

  6. Great to see you back! I love the army green/snakeskin texture combo you've got going there, it works pretty well! I'm always scared of mixing that kind of green with black but you managed to pull it off pretty well--maybe I'll be inspired enough to give it a shot this Winter!


  7. sometimes it's better to have roommates though

  8. I don't normally like that sort of shoe but those are pretty cool.

    / Avy

  9. As social as I like to be, I need my space too. Shared rooms aren´t for me.


  10. El outfit es ideal!


  11. Amazing sneakers and I love the jacket :-)


  12. Your snake kicks are so rad. I love the fit of this look too.

    onacruz blog

  13. Love this look!


  14. great outfit!


  15. WOW! just discovered your blog and its officially my new fave! youre gorgeous and your style is AMAZING!!!!!! wow! im inspired! :) Congrats on the new place! Jealous! I miss living in NYC i agree, living alone is the way to go! living w/ roomies right now is driving me nuts ;) ha! Thanks for the inspiration! XO

  16. Great outfit. The khaki green and black really go together.

    Congratulations on your new place!

  17. Ugh navigating your life around roommates can suck. Well jeal of you having your own place in SoHo. Dope sneakers, I might have to grab some. PS. Does Nick Pearce have a website?

  18. Perfect sexy look, I love it ! Very nice jacket