Men’s Grooming Tips and Sport Collections

Today on I AM GALLA we're exploring the NEW Collection feature on EBAY and how I organized some of my favorite everyday items into themed categories. Considering I write about menswear, I thought what better than to kick this off with a “Day in the life: a dude” theme?

For my first Collection I decided to go for Men’s Grooming. Every Man wakes up and has responsibilities he needs to tend to whether it be shaving, moisturizing or hair care. I personally need a beard trimmer. It allows you to choose how close you want the trim to be! Are you a 5 o' clock shadow guy or a beard guy? Do you have bed head? Hair combs are a great solution. Even if you don't want a clean, slick, handsome gentlemen's hairstyle, it's still good to comb and get some blood flow to your scalp! Speaking of hair, L’Oreal has some great putty to give your hair  that greaser effect – a personal favorite of mine. Let's switch things up and get into some skincare. All men with dry skin, LISTEN UP – JoJoba oil is a godsend and if you haven't tried it, you haven't lived! It's actually the closest product to human oil, the skin is tricked into being moisturized. You've got to try it. Check out my eBay Collections for shoppable inspiration.

For my second Collection I knew I had to go with SPORT. At some point in every man’s life he hits the weights or the treadmill to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I want to hone in on how important that is with a sporty Collection to prove it! Down below you'll see I featured a colorful assortment of water bottles, a vital role in any workout is hydration! Pick one that matches your personality. Then there was the shake weight, the household joke that actually works! Biceps, triceps and shoulders all understand what a true burn is after a mere 2 minutes with this guy. Great for a quick, healthy home activity. Along with those items I've also included pairs of PUMA socks which are one of the biggest necessities of all! No one wants to fall victim to your stank in the weight room so make sure to sock up, then lace up. Check out my Collection for all my must haves.

   In conclusion, make sure to take care of yourselves, men. Make sure to follow my Collections HERE to get inspiration on some of my favorite everyday items. #FOLLOWITFINDIT

“My eBay Collections were curated as part of my
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  1. Hi Adam :) I went through whole blog and I am amazed. You are handsome, stylish young man, Don´t care about what others think and say and keep it going. Greetings from Czech fan girl, Leona :)

  2. I love ebay. It's so cheap and you can get great stuff out there. Lovely items you chose! :)

  3. I've noticed a lot of companies doing this to cater to a more specific shopper. I use Manpacks.com

  4. Great post! I would like to try out the beard moisterizer.

    Greets, Jon ;-)

  5. very cool, love this post


  6. Whatever; the ugly reality of eBay Inc.:
    eBay's crooked auctions marketplace ... bit.ly/11F2eas
    The clunky, unscrupulous "PreyPal" ... bit.ly/UVXx53
    The ongoing joke of it all ... bit.ly/YvxFEg
    Fun quotes from the eBay executive suite ... bit.ly/12xvzyA

  7. You should try Fancy. It's like this but 100x cooler.

  8. Grooming is vital in a fresh appearance :)


  9. I really enjoyed the jojoba oil tip. I use some stuff from Intelligent Nutrients, all organic, if you were ever curious to check it out too. :)

  10. do you really use the shake weight adam?