Money can't buy you love..

 or can it?

By no means is this post to showboat how much money I carry on myself at all times, so if you plan on robbing me you will be highly disappointed. Photo's and $100 bill courtesy of Fred from blue perk. What this post is actually about is the love story within one single money clip...can money buy you love? 

Up until about 3 months ago I was one of those men who carried a bulky wallet that held unnecessary amounts of cards and little to no place for cash. Who knew the answer to all my problems was within one single, sleek money clip. With an iron grip to secure my 'mula' and a silver faced Skullheart for character I was stylishly ready to hit the town...DRINKS ON ME BOYS

"your love is killing me..."



  1. Verry fashion!!!!

  2. Of course it can, you can't live without change. That's why they call it 'The One'. :~)

  3. great clip :) but like your oufit more :)

  4. Great clip ;)

  5. Is fred your boyfriend?

  6. awesome!

  7. I like your posts <3

  8. Love the money clip. J.Crew makes a similar skull tie bar.

  9. I'm down for a drink..where to? lol, I don't necessarily have a bulky wallet, but my card holder is getting bulky-er. The only reason why I still use it is because I got it from Italy and it brings back memories of Firenze. It's a cute money clip and you're a lucky guy to have it! :D

  10. Hey if you're buyin'... count me in! :)
    That is one lovely and pretty damn cool money clip!


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