-My April Outfits-

From long hair to short hair to long hair again, you'd think I had a weed on my head. It was fun trying different kinds of hairstyles with the outfits I sported though. April was a fun experimental month! I dabbled in sportswear and tried seasonal pieces such as shorts and colored trousers. My personal favorites are 4, 7 and 13! 

what about you?



  1. really great summary!


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    1. This all dresses style is works so well.......... i m very pleased with quality and durability of the product and would purchase again. superb stylish stuff

  3. This is really difficult. All of them are my favorite! Love the depth you put in each and one of them. They all kind of travelled and share a story I feel.

    I just had to throw my thoughts out there, to note particularly..

    #2 - I love the cut-off jeans. Being that I was once a Californian, I really do have the nostalgia for them. It's great to see you showcase them more in NY!
    #3 - I love how your outfit is interacting with the flowers. There is a bit of a dance going on there between the two of you focalizing both the items your wearing while personifying it with the elegance and purity of the flower. I just thought that was very clever.
    #4 - You and your car make a great pair. I love the balance between the sweet exterior and strong interior vice versa. I love how fashion can showcase those elements of a person's self-identity or the props they are using and you carried it really well. I call that art.
    #5 - I really loved how you took a challenge with camo. It's a bit of an underdog in the fashion world I presume and I really appreciated the satchel. I never knew they existed before until now. It's the perfect blend between a briefcase but something light to hold like a file keeper but much more luxurious.
    #11 - I love this one because of the strut you have here, you pull off green with great confidence.
    #13 - The beanie, the uniquely crafted jewelry, paired with an ensemble thats fun, cool, for everyone to wear is great. You prove that detail can go a long way for something ordinarily deemed casual.
    #14 - I feel like this outfit flies (literally and figuratively, that hair could have its own column. All the trials and tribulations is goes through to solidify the feel and ambiance of your shoots). It's a very professional look but your threw on some attitude.
    #15 - You ended this month with a really cool ensemble. I just love the vibe your giving for a sporty look for something as simple as going to the gym. What I took from this is, if your looking and feeling good, then working out will subsequently feel the same.

    I know that's a lot to read but that's how they made their mark on me. Can't wait for next month! :-)

    1. Wow!!!! Thank you for this, enjoyed reading your thoughts

  4. I really like the simplicity of #8, it's something I'd definitely wear. 4 & 7 are awesome too :)

  5. With this photo collage, you're definitely a one cool dude!! :) My personal favorite is outfit numbers 1 and 8! :))


  6. My favourite outfit is #10! I love pastels and being comfortly suited! Thumbs up! xD

  7. perfect summary with perfect outfits !


  8. i love this summary! my fav is number 4 but believe me, was really difficult to decide!
    great outfits! :)


  9. You look amazing !
    I love your style.
    I love this looks are totally awesome !
    My husband will be wearnig like you.
    Take care :)
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  10. wonderful outfits :) come and visit my blog for my april outfits :)


  11. Wonderful looks! My favourites 4, 7 and 11!

  12. It's so hard to decide! Kline "spring break: day 2", "slug bug", "red line" and "fight club"
    Twitter: @IamKathN

    1. I like "spring break: day 2".....
      Sorry I wrote it wrong

  13. 13 is definitely my favorite. A California vibe on the streets of NYC. LOL

    xoxo Kenneth

  14. Love these looks and your combinations of pieces. My favourite: 3, 8 and 15!


  15. Handsome! :)

    Radka from www.flowerofpassions.blogspot.com

  16. I love your style. You have a great style. Greetings and welcome to me imsebano.blogspot.com

  17. super cool style adam


  18. I loooove your style sooo much!! ^_^

  19. I love the leather jacket looks! :D

    xx Denysia Yu

  20. cool,elegant,sexy...

  21. Increible!!! Vas perfecto en todoa los looks.
    Me acabo de declarar tu fan. Me encantan los blogger masculinos y con tanto estilazo!!!

  22. These pictures truly show that you put some thoughts into every outfit, and i have to say; this is anexcellent thing!
    I like the 4#: What i mostly liek about it, are the jeans that are screaming simplicity that you put with a really nice tee-shirt of a bright red color, but the leather jacket you put on with the outfit is as they say in french "la cerise sur le gateau", which means "the cherry on the top of the cake", because it is the most admirable touch, it adds so much boldness to the look, it shows a mixture of boldness and style which is usually hard to achieve. The glasses make the look better as well.
    the 10# is amazing as well. What i adore about it is that it is very classy and yet colorful. You made an amazing choice of colors. The pants are absolutely mesmerizing, and the bow tie adds a nice formal touch to the look. I like teh fact that the colors in your shoes that remind us of what your wearing in the top, add a slight casual nice touch to the outfit.
    13# is a favorite of mine as well, the beanie with the long hair, the careless touch you added by wearing a casual-not-fancy shirt with a plain white tee-shirt looks great, I must congratulate you for the choice of the shoes, the fact that the color is a clearer brown that the one of the beanie is such a great choice. People usually choose the exact same color, which is a horrible mistake because it gives the impression of a "too much" to it. I must admit that the casual look looks great on you, and you might consider adopting it more often, and play with the accessories and the colors to add your personal touch to it.
    the 15# is amazing, I don't know about what other people think about it, but i find it quite interesting. The bag is what caught my eyes at first, it is one amazing piece you have there, quite a nice add to the outfit. The beanie, the converses, and the casual sporty hoodie is an amazing combination! Black and white look amazing on you, and give you such a nice fresh look.
    the 14# is simply a very brave choice, that once the style adopted it could only be a total faux pas, or a very great look. Let me tell you that i am amazed by each of your choices related to this outfit. The classy look that you adopted is very nice, but very "deja vu" as well, but the fact that you have that-I must say- wonderful jacket on the top is just stunning! The effect it produced is quite something! The black and white little squares, the green underneath, it a very brave choice that paid off very well! I love the effect it produces, it is a combination of classy and chix, then fun and brave at the same time. Good job with the accessories as well, they go well with the outfit without stealing the halo from the important clothing piece which is the jacket.
    Each outfit tells a story, shows an emotion, and leaves you thinking about what each choice meant to you. Very good job! Keep up the good work on the outfits, because the passion of fashion is shown in each one of them.

  23. In order of preference: 7, 4, 14, 15 and 13.
    7 and 4: I really love the polished rock vibe going on!
    14 and 15: Chic sporty and casual sporty. Look 14 feels very GQ mag. LO-VE it. Look 15 is great, even if for me the bag doesn't quite feel right in that look (because of the tan color. Hard to explain, but i doesn't look as good at the tan enveloppe on the previous look).
    13: Nice and relaxed look, but still chic.
    Yeah, I know it's a bit random posting this now, but I just discovered your blog, so for me it's brand new! Haha.


  24. The dress is well cut and put together solidly. I will say that it is not the best quality of material, but it does not look cheap. Great purchase and price point, so I would buy again!