Minimal Camo

Sally the camo had...2 humps!

HM brown blazer (similar here) Zara denim shirt (similar here) CottonTreats camo tie (HERE) Holdallco chestnut satchel (here) Tigerofsweden trousers (similar here) 80spurple clubamsters (here) BeckettSimonon Chuckka suede boots (HERE) GilesandBrother railroad spike bracelet (here)

Photography: Rachel Marie and me

If any of you saw me speak in person at USC a few weeks ago then you'll know I said something along the lines of... "I don't care for camo, but that's because i don't think I could pull it off. maybe in moderation, we'll see" WELL today's the day people! Cotton Treats was kind enough to send me over a simple camo tie to confront my styling fear once and for all. I wanted to capture an earthy, masculine vibe and to execute this I thought what better than to use my brown textured blazer and new suede chukka boots. Hint's of blue and chestnut gave it some pop and my favorite clubmasters refined the over all look with a bit of nostalgia. The great thing is, I'd be able to wear this to a number of things. I believe it's casual enough for a lunch but dapper enough for an event.

what're your thoughts on camo?

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  1. Excellent choices!

    New post on the blog http://www.chicofyou.com/2013/04/emerald-elegance.html

  2. Love the satchel gives a classic look but I’m wondering why most of us not preferring it.

  3. i wonder how you managed to shoot in the middle of the road! so cool.. i think camo is cool too^^