Levi's #DIY

more shorts?! wawawawhaaat? 

Levi's 501 (DIY bermuda's) : lb.nu/Levis501_Adam

Hey guy's! So I'm back in New York and I have a fresh collab for ya'll. I've worked with Levi's before but this time around I was able to get a little creative. By chopping my 501's at the knee I was able to create a fresh, spring take on bermudas! It's similar to a dog that's moulting, I simple shed the excess denim and I'm ready for hotter weather! I went for simple styling that paralleled my newly cut, simple hair. I loved the Galla cut don't get me wrong but sometime's life calls for spontaneous decision making, like cutting all your hair off (plus more people are saying I resemble Ryan Gosling now which is definitely NOT a bad thing...I'll take it) 

Are you shedding any excess denim for spring/summer? do you play with bleach or sandpaper for texture? If you get creative I want to hear your DIY's...NOWZ



  1. "Hey <>"?? Adam, you don't know how to spell? I'm not a native English speaker, and even I know that it's "guys". Correct the typo, please...

    1. it's just a typo. who do you think you are?? talking like this?!

  2. I have some RRL white denim that was altered incorrectly... instead of tapering the leg to seven inches, they hemmed it shorter... seven inches shorter. I cut them into shorts, made a little cuff, now they're even more versatile than before.