St. Patricks Snow

Fashops green coat (here) TAGS spearmint shirt (Similar here) DoctrineDenim jeans (similar here) Dr.Scholls boots (here) Holdall&co satchel (here) 80spurple clubmaster (similar here)

Photography: Nadia from Frou Frou

For St. Patricks day today I decided to do green with a spearmint twist. I haven't worn this shirt in a very long time so it felt right. I topped off the look with a dark green peacoat and darker forest green scarf. Nadia from the blog Frou Frou and I walked the streets of Williamsburg brooklyn and enjoyed the snowfall. It was breathtaking and I'm glad my camera captured it as well.

I also hung out with Shini Park from the blog 'park N cube' yesterday and she was so kind to give me plenty of advice on camera's and settings. As many of you know, photography isn't my strong suit. I much prefer photoshop but now that I'm starting to understand all technicalities and lighting, expect to see better image quality!

let me know!

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  1. Cool look, what about hat and scarf where are they from?

  2. I love your looks and your style!!!
    xoxo from PerĂº
    Instagram: PatriciaArata

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