Spring Break in Cali - Day 2!

NumberLab reversible jacket (similar here) Carrera sunnies (here) Merona white polo (here) GilesandBrother railroad-spike bracelet (here) Converse high tops (here) Mossimo swimtrunks (similar here)

WOOHOO spring break is still in full effect! Yesterday I hit up an orange county park for my friend Jen's daughter's birthday party, then proceeded to Huntington beach for some waterfront chillin. I know you aren't completely comfortable with seeing me in shorts and to be honest, neither am I. Once in a blue moon I'll whip out some vivid swim trunks, in this case lime green to parallel my new Carrera sunnies. I love my new home in New York but I've got to admit, the way the sand felt in my toes and the breeze against my face brought back memories of my adolescence. I won't ever forget where I came from, sunny southern California but for now the perfect weather will have to wait. I'm still chasing perpetual dreams in the concrete jungle and man oh man, I can't wait to get back! business and opportunity awaits!

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  1. I loved your green shorts with your green glares and the second pic is so cool!