Spring break in Cali! - day 1

Viparo skyler plaid shirt (here) CanvasLandsEnd white v-neck (Similar here) 80spurple aviators (similar here ) Pacsun/ModernAmusement shorts (here) Converse hightops (here) Vans hat (similar here)

By a show of hands, who else is shocked I'm wearing shorts? *raises own hand* When I touched down in california a few days ago, it was hot! Beautiful but pretty warm. I had no intentions of wearing shorts but plans changed I suppose. I really missed the weather here so much, my hometown is just glowing. I spoke at USC on wednesday in a fashion panel and then thursday I spent with my extended family who was out visiting. I decided to have some fun with an outfit and go for a monochromatic red, shorts, shirt and hat. It went nicely against the country club background which was covered in bright colored flowers and vivid foliage. Spring is definitely coming here!

oh and let's give a round of applause to my 11 year old brother who snapped 50 percent of these shots. a photographer in the making I'd say!


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