On taking risks

step out of your comfort zone 

Vintage army jacket (similar here) Whyred plaid shirt (more selection here) Topman grey trousers (more selection here) HM black cardi (more selection here) psfkaufman boots (here)

photography: MIKI SPIN

My decision to execute "dapper hobo" for the day wasn't the easiest. As time goes on I find myself delving into more clean cut, suited ensembles with edge, so what happened here? To be frank, repetitiveness scares the shit out of me alongside expectation. I refuse to be the person who does the same thing over and over again, a presumption before walking out of the house, an engine with no steam and above all a broken record. When it comes to styling and my fashion decisions, I am an advocate for trying new things. A blanket that seconds as a scarf? sure! why not?

Let's talk icons in history. "You see, phipps, fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear." - Oscar Wilde. Clearly a strong sense of self that carried in his numerous dandy, 1800's attire. He was taking a risk in his society, stepping out of THEIR comfort zones. Let us fast forward about 70 years to the King's era, Elvis Presley himself. His style radiated with his music, provocative and loud. Occupying the majority of his wardrobe (after the comeback) was white and gold suits, often adorned with brocade trim. As a rock n roll god he made choices that could have been detrimental to his career and image but chose to embrace these risks with open arms.

"Life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself" - George shaw. In regard to fashion, how is one to know where their comfort lies without trying several different things first? I've dabbled in preppy styles, grunge styles, even classic and every day I'm that much more confident about the man I'll become, refined and unwavering. When it comes to maturity, I agree with Leandra Medine on this topic - There is a grace and beauty of wearing the same outfit regularly OVER the age of 40. Take Karl Lagerfeld for example, the glitzy blazer, wide tie and throw of necklaces will forever be a staple in fashion history. He is so confident in who he is, his brand, and for that he will forever be an icon. Karl surely wasn't like this from day 1, so that begs the question of how? how did his journey of life take him to where he is now? Risks had to of been involved right?

As time goes on, people admit to having regret for their lack of fashion involvement. Many "could've-been" situations where people wish they had more confidence to try new things. I want to make sure you guy's don't miss your chance at having blazing, youthful courage. Take the risks now, and do something you've never done in fashion. It could be as simple as adding one new piece to your wardrobe or as spontaneous as changing the whole damn closet. Today, I decided to go for a derelict (zoolander reference) vibe and had a lot of fun executing it. now it's your turn, what're you going to do next that surprises you?


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  1. Wich kind of trouser is it? I looking for the same from topman, can i help me, very kind, Lionel