CanvasLandsEnd blazer (here) CanvasLandsEnd shirt (here) MeninCities cravat (blue one here) 80spurple clubmasters (similar here) Holdall&Co satchell (here) Kasil burgundy denim (similar here) Gucci loafers (here)

Afternoon readers! Hope your day is going swimmingly. Today we have a fun, contrasting ensemble that clashes two of my favorite colors together...red and blue! If we want to get technical we can say burgundy (which as of yesterday is my mood-color according to the scanner at the time square M&M factory - don't ask) I wore somewthing very similar to this during fashion week but was unable to photograph it due to crazy scheduling - ALSO I added this fun MEN IN CITIES cravat, which is also known as an ascot, designed by Yuvi Alpert! check the site out dudes. 

what're you guy's doing this weekend?


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