NYFW 4 - Cap & Cape

Fashops coat (here) Zara suit (similar here) BCBG Herve Leger runway hat (similar here) Coach bag (more selection here) Rayban wayfarers (here) Zara boots (similar here)

photography: Bethany Struble

Evening! It's 10 PM here in manhattan and I feel I still haven't caught up on sleep from the fashion week pandemonium. These shots were taken a few days ago when I was able to see my best friends, Peter S and Bethany S before they left back to the golden state, California. It still hasn't hit me yet...I'm a bona fide New Yorker now...what? My friends say once I start washing my clothes and repeatedly eat delivery food It'll sink in but for now my body and mind choose to perceive it as a "long vaca" Regardless of the little sleep, my excitement and adrenaline pump threw my new new yorker veins swifly, eager for new ventures and opportunities. What does this city have in store for me? Well for starters a full time job position has come to my attention from colleagues as well as my growing contribution with DETAILS magazine style network! you gotta check it out here men: HERE

oh and guess what guys? My internet is being installed in my new place tuesday! no more inconvenient trips to the coffee shops = everyday posts again!

*fist pump*



  1. I have been looking for military style caps and was pleased to find these in a selection of colors.
    The price was good and I expected a cheap cotton hat. I would recommend ultraclub 8101 solid cotton