The stylish men of the 2013 Golden Globes

(Aaron Paul, Ryan Seacrest, Ben Affleck) 

This past sunday was one of Hollywoods most pinnacle nights of the year, The 70th annual Golden Globe Awards. Film stars sat alongside Television idols, coming together to honor the great work that had graced the silver screen as well as the TV screen in the year 2013. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards the stand out talent of the year in several different categories ranging from best motion picture to best comedic television show and more.  But in my opinion, the best part of the night is before the event! The red carpet allows starlets and leading men to showcase their style, charisma and poise. 

Pictured above, You'll see my personal favorite menswear ensembles of the night. Ben Affleck adds a little mystery by sporting an indigo 3 piece suit. Ryan Seacrest radiates in gun metal alongside (cut-out) girlfriend Julianne Hough. And Aaron Paul, being one of GQ's most stylish men of the year, deserves any type style publicity. He's awesome cooking meth AND being a gentleman...such a hard balance. 

The popular choice for this years men was without a doubt, the black suit accompanied by the black bow tie. The repetitiveness was a bit disappointing and safe but all in all the men looked refined. You can see above Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper are all birds of a dapper feather, that flock stylishly together.  

Another notable trend was quirky neckwear! Bill Murray displays what I like to call the cross-collar-tie IN PLAID. He isn't aware of my existence, but I know he did it just for me. I keep telling myself that, whatever. ultimately, I want one of these...things. stat. 

Nolan Gould from ABC's Modern Family may be small, but out-shined some of the film stars! From his burn't orange bow tie layered over a plaid shirt to the handkerchief tucked into his blazer pocket, he lived up to his shows name, modern and fresh. 

From the awards, to coming out speeches (see here), Taylor Swift jokes and of course the outfits, The 70th annual Golden Globes will be a memorable one. Let's hope next year the men will step a little out of their comfort zone during the styling process and really showcase some unique - yet sophisticated - ensembles.   

Which dapper dan did it for you? 



  1. love aaron paul here...


  2. Love bowtie. It is very stylish!

    Hug :]


  3. how cute is that little boy <3 im in love with ben affleck, does he ever get old?

  4. The littelist one by far is the cutest one in my books! So impressed with his orange bow tie.

    And Bill Murray's facial hair reminds me of my AP Bio teacher's facial hair.

    xx maggie

  5. Nolan Gould looked great!



  6. wow, they look as same amazing as women of the golden globe !! only without skirts, haha


  7. Great post!
    Really liked all the looks at the Golden Globes!


  8. None did it for me, felt like i had seen this over and over again on the red carpet. I hope next year holds some difference!

  9. I like the leather deatails on Ben Affleck, but as I love Bradley, I have to say that he looked so elegant and I love the black buttons, diferent from the other two with black suit and bow-tie.


  10. Very nice and interesting post. Aaron Paul and Ryan Seacrest are very elegant.

  11. For me,Ryan Seacrest looked great!