New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year readers!!! I can't express how happy I am that we didn't find ourselves victim to a mayan apocalypse....that would've been awkward. Nonetheless we meet again january 1st! New year, new beginnings and new resolutions! I've assembled a visual board of my personal intentions I will keep focus on in the year 2013. HERE WE GO  

 Wholesome foods! As the clock struck 12 am here in the west coast I promised myself that I would start taking better care of oneself. This includes healthier organic foods, juicing, better decision making when going out to eat, no more fast food, and no more sugar! I'm am completely intrigued with nutrition and firmly believe that if I didn't choose the path of fashion, then I would probably be studying human health etc. You can take this step with me! Go out and purchase a juicer, start shopping at your local farmers market and/or whole foods and give back to your body! It probably deserves it!    

Weight Training! Maybe it's just my inner hulk trying to break free but I cannot wait for another year of slaving it in the gym. Some of you are probably saying "you? gym? you're tiny! skinny!" I've actually been attending the gym for around 3 years now and I'm about 25 pounds heavier (in lean muscle mass) then I was when I graduated high school! I'm sitting comfortably at a lean 140lb(63 kg), and my goal before next year is to be 160lb (72kg). I'm upping my protein and carb intake, lifting heavy in short-intense workouts, and resting well. You can also take this journey of gaining some muscle, or getting in better shape by purchasing a gym membership and contributing at least 4 hours a week of your time....you will see a huge difference. 

BLOGGING! As I come into my third year blogging and my fourth year lookbook-ing I have some big plans ahead! With my move to New york City coming up I will be able to attend more shows, document events and work closely with the ever-booming menswear industry. I Published 254 posts in 2012 and this year I want to surpass that! Give you guys more inspiration! more content! more everything! you name it! Comment below with some ideas of what things you would like to see MORE of :) 

Traveling! With my career taking me to New york for fashion week, let's cross our fingers that I'll hopefully be sponsored to attend other fashion weeks such as milan, or paris! My mother and I have a soft spot for traveling. We love exploring different cultures, lifestyle, architecture, historical places etc. I'm hoping that an airplane will be my second home this year. I really want to explore the world in my 20's, not when I'm retired!!!!! who's with me?!  

Positive thinking! One thing a lot of you don't know about me is that I use to be self conscious and that led to a constant negativity. I feel a lot of people go through this in high school when pressured to conform to a certain stereo type or label. Since graduating and entering the "real world" I have found it easier to just be me, make my own decisions without influence and be independent. I'm learning to love myself more and accept who I am, flaws and all. I haven't been in a serious relationship yet but this year  I feel like it could happen...I'm going to think positively and infect others around me with positivity. Just remember every situation in life can be looked at at an angle. If it's bad did you at least learn something? If it's unexpected, can you be prepared for next time? Just some food for thought. 

There you have it, my new years resolutions. Healthier diet, weight training, more blogging, more traveling and positive thinking! Today is the 1st so you can still jump on board:) feel free to join me on any of these resolutions and comment below on how you are to execute your own plan, I'd love to hear it.

(pictures: pintrest)

2013 will be OURS! 



  1. omg good resolution. I decided to quit smoking :] and recently I told my friends that they should think positive because this is the most important thing if we wanna achieve something.

    good luck Adam and I hope to see more posts in this year. and such a shame that u r leaving LA :/ but NY gives more opportunities of course.

    1. congratulations on non smoking! your body deserves better! happy new year :)

  2. aw sounds cool, I'm definitely on board with the travelling and bloggin' a tad, but hoping this year, with a bit of French as well!

    good luck and happy new year!

  3. Good resolution!

    My resolution : Follow Adam's blog ;-)

    I fascinate by your style, so chic and cool in the same time.

    (Sorry for my approximate english, i'm french.. ^^)

    So , I wish you a Happy New Year!

    Caroo, www.caroowild.blogspot.fr

  4. I wish you an awesome 2013!

  5. Fingers crossed :D This year I am going to finally start living my life fully. Every single day is an opportunity to smile, to love and to "shine bright like a diamond". I don't want to hide my true self anymore just because I might not fit in. GaGa once said: "I don't want to be normal, I'm terrified of being average". So am I.
    Good luck with all your resolutions. You are fantastic in what you're doing, Adam. Seriously. Greetings from Poland :D

    1. I love this comment! stay inspired and keep inspiring others!

    2. Thank you so much. I will, certainly. and sorry for being anonymous but i don't have any account allowing to comment here personally(just facebook). so far you are my biggest inspiration, so I wish you only the best (fashion) ideas this year and next and I hope you will never burn out :D keep it up, Adam!


  6. Bro' do you even lift ? (I had to do it)

  7. Neat resolutions. Good luck there!

  8. Happy New Year, wish you all the best, have a good year on your blog.
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  9. I love and follow your blog. This year makes videos as you tidy your hair, tips for summer looks, the products you are using, basically it.

    Hug dear. :]


  10. Seems like you have put a lot of thought into your new years resolution!
    Best of luck!!


  11. Great resolutions this year!
    I´ll stay in touch with your awesome blog ´cause I TRULLY love it, you´re amazing and I hope you get all good results from your spectations.
    Happy new year from venezuela

  12. great resolution!
    Happy new year!
    have a new spirit, new hope!


  13. I get a kick out of this post. I am doing very similar goals for my resolutions this year. Except for maybe the weight training :) I do however plan on a healthier lifestyle and I even finally started one of my new goals. I created a new blog.
    Good luck with your dreams! I can't wait to read when you accomplish these one by one.

    Happy New Year!
    Love, Minda


    1. healthier food, healthier living! good luck with your blog and future endeavors :) happy new year

  14. Oh especially positive thinking i need a looot!! Great atittude Adam, wish you all the best for 2013 :)


  15. Good look, Adam! And happy New Year!

  16. I support you in your 2013 goals! Happy new year!

    ★♡ 1st 2013 Post Up! (^_^) ♡★
    Looking Forward to a Better 2013 ... Happy New Year to Everyone!
    My new year e-card and a few throwbacks!

    ❤ ~Chai

  17. Great resolutions :)))) Weight training and blogging suits my resolutions this year.
    Let's just hope that 2013 would be good and a blast for us :)))))


  18. Really love this, happy new year!

  19. Hello! first time here! great blog and style! happy new year and good luck with your resolutions!

  20. These are all great resolutions and I definitely plan on taking some of your resolutions on for myself!! Im ready to make 2013 my year!

  21. I really like your blog, so keep it up! Happy (very belated) New Year!

  22. A few of mine, as I am an inspiring fashion designer; are to design and sew as much as possible. Also to research my favorite designers to get a head start on my dream of attending the Fashion Instutite of Technology. To blog alot more and effientlly than I do now. To eat quite a bit heathier (the average-college-student-pizza-roll diet isn't workin'), and maybe lock my hair? But honestly this year I just want a fresh start to be myself and not just stikc to that status quo (of the perfect southern belle).

    Good luck on yours. 2013 is gonna have to watch out.

    1. go for your dreams man! designing allows you to be extremely creative! pizza rolls are so good, UGH look what you did now I'm hungry *go drinks veggie shake*

  23. wow, this was a uncomplicated post but i found it strangely motivating!! thanks i guess! haha good luck in 2k13 adam, hope ya get achieve your goals. thanks for all your 254 posts this year, i really love reading them.

  24. good for you for making resolutions, challenging ones at that :) i find that it's easier to stick to a resolution if you build up on what you've been doing the previous year (like my resolution this year is to go to the gym 4 times a week, instead of the 3-4 times a week that i normally do), it can sometimes be difficult if you just jump into it without any kind of base. hope you're keeping up with them, even though it's only a week in! :)