Highlights 1 - Menswear fashion week London FW13

 We've got a new year and some novel menswear collections with it! Since the week commenced, London has manifested a little bit of old, and a little bit of new inspired exhibitions. So far, my heart is Andrea Pompilio's for the taking. I believe it is extremely important in the designing process to uphold a certain masculinity for menswear but throw in a hint of character and whimsy. (see my favorites above) The styling and execution is absolutely brilliant! Array's of different stripes and prints overlap effortlessly with dashes of bold colors. The mere fact that the models are holding grocery totes filled with greens and baguettes instantly make me want to wear this ensemble to the market; a realistic, wearable wardrobe perfect for the autumn to come.     
I don't know about you guys, but I am a sucker for traditionalism. Especially when it comes in the form of modern, scottish inspired outerwear. With all this nostalgic-brit influence on our hands, a sudden crave for a 60's flick is in order. I applaud Patrick Grant of E. Tautz and the FW13 collection (above) for capturing a raw essence of british aristocracy. You'll also find subtle hints of orange in the series inspired by rusty abandoned cars on the island of Harris. That's what I call innovation!  

 Don't get mad, get PLAID! I'm still unsure if my infatuation for the print is due to Kurt Cobain's decade of influence making a comeback or if it's just love at first sight...will I ever get over such a beautiful trend? Looks like I'm not the only one, right Hardy Amies? Rich hued blazers under matching trenches can saturate my closet any day. With a heavy english influence, I'll be ready for the London Fashion Weeks to come! cherrio! 

Kenzo, you slay me once again in the best way possible. I will always have a soft spot for skinny suits but in an abstract forms?! unique rich colors? are you trying to deplete my bank account? *wallet cries*   I find comfort in the fact that I will not be able to acquire anything till the end of this year, after all I would not like to be broke from purchasing such handsome pieces. Though the full collection isn't displayed here, Kenzo's inspiration this FW13 season was to show a romantic side infused with "jungle jap" which in turn became tiger heads, cloud cumulus's and other animal prints. A beast of creativity, a beast on the runway.  

images courtesy: style.com

which collection tickles your fancy so far?



  1. wow, totally have to show this to my boyfriend, he'll be excited !! thank you for sharing adam !! :)


  2. Te sigo en Twitter, bloglovin y en tu propio blog y es que me encanta al igual que el estilo british!!! por eso publique este post en mi sección de los viernes.


  3. I love the Kenzo suits! Oh my it blown me away!

  4. The first skinny suit by Kenzo is AMAZING!

  5. Would really love to visit London Fashion Week sometimes!
    Love these collections, Especially Andrea and Kenzo!


  6. galla you're the best


  7. i love the simplicity of all the items here its all very plain but looks fantastic

  8. Very nice and interesting collections. I really love Kenzo.

  9. andrea pompilio caught my eyes. like the details and color. simple and cool.

  10. Jibril and Jalan /thosedamntwinsJanuary 11, 2013 at 11:35 AM

    Me and my brother are huge fans of Kenzo too but Hardy Amies pixelated blazers are really making it for me right now. The red one with the fur collar!!!!!

  11. Love it, Hardy Amies is amazing!!!

    Have a look at my mr porter experience in London! I wish u were there Galla!!