Shop My Closet is BACK!!!!

It wasn't too long ago when I was announcing the launch of 'ShoptheGallaxy' on big cartel! Essentially, a shop-my-closet internet boutique. It was a fun project but in all reality, I just couldn't keep up with the maintenance taking pictures, thrift shopping, constant post office visits and packaging costs. There was a lot I wasn't aware of but everything is a learning process! So I was forced to put the shop on hiatus unfortunately. 

About a month or two ago I received an email from a fellow blogger named Jared asking me if I'd like to sell product on a new marketplace platform called 'Copious' I was a little hesitant at first due to the results of my last project but open minded. Ultimately I caved, & the opportunity inspired me to start selling again. so here we are! 'ShoptheGallaxy' has moved to Copious!

On the site, you'll not only be able to purchase my clothes but see when NEW listings are posted, heart favorites and follow my profile for any updates. I will be joining other Fashion 'influencials' such as Man Repeller, Brad Goreski & more, listing items directly from my closet! I currently only have 11 listings but not to worry, this is just the beginning! 

so what're you waiting for? go buy some shit HERE


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  1. I bought the sweater already <3 wanted the YSL T-shirt but someone reserved it without buying D: now I have to save up again to get it -- hopefully it wouldn't be bought by then heehee.

    1. awesome! thanks for purchasing I think you'll really like it :]

  2. Aww, Wanted to but the Brown Coat but it has already been sold :c
    Anyways, I didn't know this website, thanks for the discovery /o/

  3. I loved your items and i want to buy them. But, i don't know, how i can buy them. So, how to buy them?