Repunzel or her prince?

left: Josh Holloway & his locks.
right: Alex Pettyfer & his locks. 

It's come to my attention that my hair is currently the longest it's been since 2005. Call me a slug for not dragging myself to the nearest salon or......call me a prince. joking. But not really. Take these various hairstyles I've assembled over the past week of google stalking and tell me this wouldn't look good on yours truly. I feel like it's a man's birthright and ode to jesus to bask in what is a healthy, full head of hair. Now, taking into consideration that my face often resembles a 4 year old toddler, I must be careful to not over-feminize my aesthetic. I'm trying to go more surfer and less fabio, ya feel me? I'm about 99 percent positive that the hair will be golden, that of one Repunzel, well, actually with low lights like the dudes below this. the length on the other hand is the question AT hand. shoulder length? neck length? floor length? 
From left to right. David Beckham, the king of football, soccer to US folk, and god to the females apparently. This olympian hairstyle was the initial push that inspired me. "scowling teen" next to him glares ever so sensually, only one could wish for those alluring/badass capabilities. "scared model" is the 3rd and captures a rather leonardo DiCaprio circa 1996-esq which I'm not complaining about. and finally, male ombre takes all form in "bitchy surfer" the roots are brown and the tips are frosted people, what more can you ask for?

so I turn to you, my readers, I may be the next Repunzel or I may be her prince. Let the sentiments BEGIN!



  1. I bet ... the prince!!! :)


  2. i want to see you with a very long hair! one change in your life. try it!


    1. thank you kind fran! your comments are always appreciated. x

  3. Let the adventure begin then! We'll see where your golden locks will take us *surprise surprise!*

  4. You gotta do the long "bitchy surfer" cut man! It'll look sick on you!

  5. I prefer the short ones! :)


  6. I think you can go a bit longer. Your hair look cool when longer, which unfortunatly doesn't happen with myself.

  7. you can rock any of those looks! you make for a very handsome prince ;)

  8. I prefer it short, and... why not surfer?
    I've always hated long hair for men... hahaha


  9. Mr. Galla,

    The way I see it is, your hair grows back quickly. It's there to be experimented with. You might as well especially when you're young! I think Alex Pettyfer and Josh Holloway is more for you, however. I definitely can see you pulling a David Beckham! Whatever you choose. I'm sure you'll pull off with ease!

    N xxx

  10. Hi,
    long hair and " 3 days" beard. otherwise I think you'll look like a "little boy".

    by the way, outstanding blog :) !

  11. I think it all depends on how your hair grows. If it's wavy, I'd say go for the last guy's look, neck long hair, it will look great on you. I don't really like Mr. Beckham's hair parted in the middle, but it may have something to do with that particular blonde.

    If it grows straight, then I would say go a bit shorter, probably like the two guys next to David, or a tiny bit shorter. And definetely use some gel to give it some kind of volume, I don't really like that guy in the very first
    photo's flat hair. But you already know that, your hair is always styled super great :)
    Just giving my opinion, hope it helps.



  13. Be the Prince... It´s better, but keep it blond!

  14. You'll look good in whatever hair length or style you want! Seriously. :))


  15. Be a long haired surfer prince :) just a thought. Think it would be a sweet look

  16. I think you looks like a prince! But you can try it.
    So when I read the comments of your blog, a lot of people will see you with long hair, so what you are doing with you hair.

    If you want to look to my blog, so leave a massage if you want.

  17. I think it would be intresting and if you want more then the "bitchy surfer" should do the trick .

  18. Dear Galla,
    Please don't do this to yourself. I love your hair but this look which you showed to us is just ... Awful. You look better when you have hair like now or like you have it earlier. Pleeeeeease, go to the salon and get Francisco Lachowski's hair style.

  19. Seriously hair like that is so annoying gets in your eyes all the time. Last night I was so angry I nearly chopped my fringe.

  20. i just found your blog (and i did bookmark it!) though i've been seeing your pic via tumblr and pinterest :) would love to see you with a long hair, kinda cute :)) by the way, your blog is inspiring, am starting my own too :) hope you get to see http://brenttzu.wordpress.com/ :D