reminiscing past winter ensembles

Ambig sweater Ambig jacket Kasil jeans Allsaints boots Rayban sunnies Ambig beanie

 As the winter chill sneaks upon us, I thought what better way to aid my readers into warm decision making than reminiscing in past winter ensembles? Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy this throwback ride of the day. *cracks open the scrapbook and blows off dust* 

Displayed overhead, "The ambiguous" takes heed of the oncoming season by layering knit variables. Body warmth contained via olive sweater and cargo jacket courtesy of Ambig. Overly popular and commercialized color BURGUNDY eats up the attention by taking form in a beanie making my ears snuggly little bastards. Finalizing the look, I included a classic pair of jeans and my allsaints boots which since then, I have successfully overkilled. whatever though.  

Brighterman.com scarf/bowtie H&M shirt UrbanO jakcet Active jeans

 The initial reaction to this rare gem is that it looks absolutely nothing like myself. Well kiddos, no argument there, since the ripe age of 18 when this shot was taken I have grown a beard, dyed my hair, and time changed my face...or something. The outfit posed to be one of my favorites though. A circle scarf accompanied by a bowtie??? cue the shock and awe! (not to be confused with chaka khan). I continued to play around by adding a grey military jacket and a non-lit cigarette. I was so cool. regardless, the outfit is an ideal choice to endure such winds the season provokes. 

Zara sweater DocMartens boots UrbanO socks/backpack/bracelets Active jeans DIY scarf

 "Got my doc martens on but don't call me doc!"... "big boots versus big puddles". I really hope a Doc Marten rep is reading these right now. From sock stuffing, to scarf wrapping and a male arm party (so inappropriate) this outfit was a swell decision for the holidays. Warm was my middle name people. And as for the colors I think I struck a high note by successfully pairing black and brown together, apparently some sort of big no-no that I don't care-care. 

JCRags cardigan/tee H&M bag UrbanO boots Venicebeach beanie Proopticals glasses 

Trudging through the back hills of my old home photographing this, I probably looked insane. Plaid toggle cardigan sticking out against the gold foliage like a sore thumb...but I wouldn't have it any other way! Shoes matching my beanie ever so apparent, and a merse on one side...I'm ready for the north!  

now men, raid those closets and style some chit. 



  1. Me encanta el look 2!



  2. ohhh really nice se you years ago. you was as beautiful as now
    buti know it already, because ive seeen all your posts ever...


  3. Oh Young Galla :D
    by the way I love it
    I'm always support u
    your fan from Vietnam :D

  4. You look so much different! When I started to read your blog, about a month ago, I went through old posts and it's clear that you're style has changed so much and even the way you write!
    Keep it up with this amazing blog and job! :*

  5. I love especially your second look!! And the last (:
    And they're right, I also think you're the best male blogger.
    Keep on going
    -Coreena xx


  6. Love these outfits. The second one is very stylish. You have a great sense of style.

  7. I like all the looks, but the last one is my favourite! I love this checked jacket, it's really cool!!

  8. I love the first and the third!
    The Doc Martens in brown look so cool! And yes.. usually i don't like blak-brown, but you made it! And i like-like!!

    Well, I was looking up again, and I love each one!! Hahahah
    And on this posts was when I met you on lookbook... then I started reading your blog some months ago... and started commenting some weeks ago... :)

    are you happy with your new constant follower? :D ;)

    1. haha thank you very much! glad you liked the brown black combination. I'm happy to see your comments :)

  9. Oh the inspiration your blog gives me for upcoming outfits.... The snow has already hit and I'm in a rush to find warm, comfortable outfits without sacrificing style (e.i. going out in sweat pants and your dads old sweater). Thank you, and lovely ensembles!

  10. Those Doc Martens are too cute - Love that look. And the bow tie! There just aren't enough excuses for boys to wear bowties these days... :)

  11. I think your sense of style is amazing

  12. why sooo stunning? *_* million kisses from the philippines mwah! :)

  13. great pictures and outfits Adam!
    admire your style - it's a perfect job
    kisses from cz

  14. I like first look, is classic and natural.

  15. When I looked at the photos I was thinking "Oh,are they his cousin?Or brothers maybe?" and then I realised that is just you! O.o
    And outfits-Amazing as always.

  16. Galla,

    U know im such a big fan of yours...words lack to describe how amazing it is..
    keep up the good work :)
    and this hair color suits you ^_^

  17. i love the last photos<3
    simple but looking great !! awesome


  18. I love how write your blog! When I read it, it feels like you're just talking to me in person, haha! I've read a couple of male bloggers' posts and I felt like they were trying too hard that what they were saying didn't come off as natural :( Great job on a throwback post though! :D I always love seeing time capsule posts from bloggers :)

  19. I think the best thing about these looks is that even though they were from years ago if you were to wear them again it'd still look very hip ;) although perhaps not totally age apros considering you've matured a bit :P. I love these looks today and I'll probably love them a year or two from now! Kudos Galla, you have timeless and effortless fashion styling, IMO the most difficult thing in this industry. *golf claps*

    xx. M