let's talk Cufflinks

In this world, there are a handful of accessories that truly separate the men from the boys; the quality watch, the leather wallet and the underutilized cufflinks. Yes, cufflinks. While this style staple is not necessary to complete a look, their presence communicates style, polish and power.

There are three different factors that should help determine the cufflinks that are right for you, the first being the metals of your other jewelry. When properly coordinated, a man’s accessories flow together to form a single cohesive look that allows the eye to smoothly travel about the entire length of the outfit; when you match different metals with one another, you can potentially make your attire appear sloppy if not visually less appealing. So when buying cufflinks, take into consideration whether or not they would complement your favorite tie piece or that belt you frequently wear.

Secondly, reflect on the overall color scheme of your closet (remember, cufflinks should be worn exclusively on the crisp sleeve of a French cuffed shirt). If your closet is almost entirely black blazers, then cufflinks can be the perfect opportunity to incorporate understated color into your look. Reversely, if you have clothes that span across a wide range of hues, then opt for cufflinks with a more neutral tone, like silver. Just think about it; the jade cufflinks that harmonize perfectly with your dark green coat will not have the same effect with your mustard jacket.

Thirdly, take into the account the intended event you anticipate wearing them to. If you want to buy cufflinks to add subtle flavor to your every day attire, then consider purchasing a design that honors something that is personal to you; while there is quite range in what is available, common designs include sports logos, hobbies, animals, automobiles, technological symbols. Another alternative for the casual wearer is the silk slip knot, which is a piece of delicate fabric that is knotted on opposing ends to help hold the sleeve in place. If you are wearing them to a special occasion, then skip the personal flare in favor of a more classic look. Cufflinks made from sterling silver, steel, gun metal finish and rhodium are very popular today (take note, gold is declining in popularity). Festive celebrations and weddings, are excellent environments for colorful stone or engraved cufflinks, though the same doesn’t apply 
to a formal corporate setting; learn towards restraint when selecting a design you’ll be sporting in the office, as pretty designs might not exactly impress your colleagues.

A pair of cufflinks that you love is worth more than five sets that you merely “like.” No matter how many pairs you own, you will repeatedly find yourself drawn to the cufflinks that you truly connect with, so it’s worth it to invest in a quality set that you would proudly wear every day.  


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