touchdown in Colorado + Flight tips!

About 4 hours ago, I touched down in Denver Colorado BUT it didn't hit me until I trudged out of baggage claim to have the crisp mountain air slap me in the face. A low of 40 degrees fahrenheit might not be cold for some of you but this california boy likes it toasty in the 80s. None the less, I can breathe much easier & my rather faulty lungs are quite happy due to the non toxic air. This is my 5th time visiting the state and I still haven't grown weary of the sunsets. The foliage is to die for, and we might, JUST MIGHT see some snow on our stay. fingers crossed for the magic. Can't wait to show you guys what these beautiful mountains have in store.  


Some of you guys asked me what I would recommend "fashionably" for a plane flight. I don't know that my main concern when I wake up early in the morning to catch a flight is to be fashionable...I'd say it's more about comfort. In my picture above I'm wearing a loose beanie, raybans, target massimo longsleeve, loose-fitted-skinny jeans (if that makes any sense) slip on shoes & a backpack. I've learned that each piece holds a very important purpose for me whilst traveling. The Beanie is to tame the untamable...I don't want to worry about people getting up from their seat & accidentally touching my hair behind/above me. Raybans job is to repel any human interaction as well as hide unwanted eye bags from previous late night packing session. The Long sleeve shirt proved to be a vital piece seeing as passengers like to fully crank their AC's right above my head, on my head. Jeans were for movability in my confined/cant-believe-how-small-coach-seats-are space. Slip on shoes stole the spotlight during TSA checkpoint when I turned out to be the quickest in line *fist pump*. And the backpack is to carry all my in flight entertainment so I don't have to cave into purchasing $15 worth of wifi. Ultimately, pack light, wear something to relax in & enjoy it to your best ability. 

pictures & outfits & bears (to come), oh my!


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  1. Sit back, chill, and enjoy the weather Adam ;)


  2. Have a great time stylish boy!


  3. love the longsleeve.... effortless yet hawt!

  4. you are my idol galla!


  5. Have a great time in colorado with your family, luv your suitcase! lol
    love grandma

  6. Colorado sounds amazing, have fun! <3

  7. Have a nice weekend in colorado :)

  8. I think it's generally sensible advice and I agree be comfortable but I think the key is to be comfortable and travel lightly. I just don't get people sweating profusely to haul some over sized bag down the aisle. it definitely is not sexy.

    Being light and stylish is the height of travel cool!

  9. You wear incredibly.