DIY Last minute/Cheap Halloween costumes for men

Occasionally Halloween sneaks up on us in the season and we rarely have time to prepare. I myself USUALLY like to plan months ahead of time but this year I failed epically. How many other mortals get invited to parties last minute, have to take their siblings out unexpectedly, or even participate in contests yet they have no idea what to dress as? probably, a good majority! So for today's blogpost I've gathered some ideas, put them into collages that can be assembled from things around your house, in your closet or down the street at the department store. Cheap, affordable, creative costumes! FOR MEN! this is a menswear blog ;) 
 If you grew up in the 90s like I did, then you might have/had an affinity for pokemon. Ash was a rockstar in the series and you would be no different sporting this at your local party! A simple red hat, green tee and green gloves would be no more then $12 at a Michaels craft store. Most likely you or your father will own a blue vest already, as well as tennis shoes and blue jeans. Now, go into your garage, find all your old pokemon cards, make a deck, and while at the party pretend to battle people! it will be hilarious. 
 A traditional favorite that demands authority. If one has a leather/pleather jacket, black slacks, and cheap aviators, then one might consider being a cop this halloween. Slick your hair back dude, tuck your water gun firmly in that pocket and your 90 percent ready to go! Google image search "sheriff gold star" print out your favorite one, cut it out, and tape it onto your jacket, BOOM you're the man!

 No need for initiation in this tribe. Be your own native american chief! Considering tribal print was a huge fad this past year, I know about 80 percent of you can pull this cheap, and convenient costume off brilliantly. pair your native clothing pieces with some brown trousers, and brown shoes. Purchase some $2 feathers at the local party store and make a head piece, or just simply stick them in your hair. Next step is to find a rather long stick outside (perhaps in your backyard) and tape a drawn paper rock to the end! a makeshift spear! 
 This next costume will get you all the ladies, or will it? Johnny Bravo posed to be one of the most popular 90's cartoons for it's unsuitable wit. The man could try, but that's about it. Get in touch with your Johnny bravo by applying these simple steps, and pieces together for a quick, cheap halloween costume. I know all you men have a plain black tee and blue jeans. If you don't, scold yourself. pair them with black boots, and some raybans (if you don have raybans, simple black sunglasses will suffice) Use your hair gel next to create a "pompadour" hairstyle many would sport in the 50's era. it's great if you have blonde hair but if not then it's not a big deal. You can purchase yellow hairspray at the costume store if you want to go all out! WHOA MOMMA
 Capturing an alternative/grunge legend might be a lot easier then you think. Kurt Cobain & Nirvana inspired thousands of people musically but also, fashionably. A jean jacket from your closet paired with some horizontal stripes takes you half way there to becoming a halloween badass! some high top chucks, black skinny's and bracelets are sure to seal the deal. BUT WAIT, we mustn't forget the infamous white oval shades. You will most likely find these at your local costume shop for less then $10. don't shower, just so you smell like teen spirit ;) 
And last but certainly not least, we turn our attention to the latest and greatest soon-to-be disney "classic" The princess & the Frog's WITCH DOCTOR! A doable last minute outfit for anyone this halloween season...A simple black blazer and purple tee is all you need from your closet! a tophat and face makeup can be bought at the store. Make sure to reference the skull face (above) for the makeup guidance! Carry around a vile of purple glitter in your pocket so when you encounter your friends, fling some in their direction chanting a voodoo spell! it'll be convincing as ever. 

I really hope I've inspired some new creative, last minute ideas for you guys! If you do go for one of these outfits, post a picture of yourself on instagram and tag me @iamgalla so I can check it out and feature you guys on facebook, twitter etc.!!!!! 


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  1. love the second adam! you are great

    see my last look

  2. This is awesome Adam! I can appreciate this post as I had to whip up a last minute ninja turtle costume for myself this Halloween. Your cop and Indian option are definitely an easy DIY. Love the blog. :-)

  3. Great ideas. If I was a guy, I would go as Ash Ketchum or Kurt Cobain.

  4. Hi, wasn't sure where to ask this, but i love your hair:) How do you style it?

  5. This is brilliant. The witch doctor looks like it would be a cool costume to dress up as. And just for nostalgia, ash ketchum and johnny bravo is perfect.



  7. Kurt Cobain love it and Jonny Bravo i remember how I was watching it as a child

  8. ahahah laughing at the cultural appropriation of "indians"
    so much cultural sensitivity guys! [cue vomit]

  9. Very nice styles, loving the johnny bravo one, black tee and boots with blue jeans is just perfect, such outfit always looks great and you can wear it whenever you want.