MENS Summer styling tips from VERY :)

Swimwear tips for slender guys

For many slender build men the summer season with it’s many opportunities for beach holidays, can seem like a nightmare. But don’t worry; there are plenty of types of men’s swimwear available at Very.co.uk to put all your fears to rest. 

The first rule: go long

If you’re tall and skinny, then go for long trunks that fall past the knee. This will help to make your legs appear slender and will hide skinny thighs. This look is perfect for men who feel that they’ve got disproportionate frames and will really help to even things up.  

The length of the shorts will in turn draw the line of sight away from the upper body and down towards the legs, helping you to look balanced and bulking out your skinny frame.  

The second rule: go baggy

Trunks and shorts with a great deal more fabric will leave you feeling like there's a lot less on show. More fabric is not only flattering and stylish, but it also helps to cover the areas you may not want exposed. 

If you think your legs are a little too thin, then finding something that feels comfortable can be a challenge. Baggy shorts are perfect for this as they not only increase the surface area, but their folds also add to the impression that your legs are bigger. Also, importantly, baggy shorts are a way to blend in on the beach rather and are also easy to team with a simple t-shirt, making them great for time spent off the beach too.   
The third rule: avoid anything excessively “beachy”

It sounds obvious, but wearing small, tight fitting shorts will make your body appear a lot taller and slimmer than it actually is. With so much of your frame on show, in order to help combat the feeling that you’re attracting attention by looking too tall and too slim, go for something less “beachy” and more casual. 

Swimwear such as Bermudas, polo shorts and tapered trunks are not only designed for the beach but also look like the kind of shorts you’d wear around town. Straying away from bright patterns or designs on swimwear can help you to look sophisticated and relaxed in your beachwear. As with everything, confidence is the key. 


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