Vivid & flare

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Hope you guy's are constantly checking up on ShopTheGallaxy because there are a lot of products coming in at this time. This corduroy blazer being one of them! great statement piece for anyones whimsical wardrobe. please note It's a size medium. I paired it with my favorite gold shirt and Zara deep v sweater. At the end, a small gold chain was added and gave it the gleam it craved.



  1. perfect ! Love it <3
    Love that blazer, too! :)


  2. Your my peg for life!

  3. I love this look its so awsome

  4. i love your style and your blog
    kisses from Argentina

  5. LOVE YOUR HAIR SO MUCH !!! The look is perfect.. amazing shirt, bag EVERYTHING :) <3 from Scotland xoxo

  6. love the sunglasses and the cartable
    Kisses from Catalonia ♥


  7. Such a nice blazer! I really like your sunglasses too.. Been trying to look for similar ones here in Finland but I can't seem to find any :c


  8. This look you've put together is so out there, Loving the shades with the blazer everything ties in really well : ) unique fashion style got to be said : ) Hope you wouldn't mind me putting your pictures of you and your outfit on my fashion blog

  9. inspiration desires 7 ¡¡¡

  10. I know this is a pretty silly question, but if you sell a lot of your clothes... what do you end up wearing? Unless your closet is an endless Narnian wardrobe filled with goodness and love. :o And please excuse me if this has already been asked, but how come you opened up a shop to sell such amazing clothes? If I were you and a guy I'd have the hardest time letting go of such quality pieces of clothing lol.

    I really do enjoy your style by the way, it varies and keeps me on the edge, which is one of the main reasons why I follow you and am inspired by you (even if I am just a girl). It gives me the boost and confidence to go classy one day and then edgy the next. You, sir, have a talent/gift!!! Keep it up!! By the way, I also enjoy your hairstyles!! You're very unique and I guess that's why I like you/your style so much! As a native of Southern California, I hope to one day run into you haha. Stay classy, handsome!

  11. wow. lovley hair. my hairstyle is alike.

    btw outfit it's great. I like Zara's clothes, specialy sweaters.

  12. So amazing!